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    I have been looking for a 15 Puzzle game for the Centro and have only come across Twizzle, which is ok but you have to manually scramble them and the graphics are from the Pilot days. Anyone know of a good version?
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    Thanks for the links, unfortunately most of them are still stuck in the Pilot days as far as graphics are concerned. The ones that do photos would work if I could make a custom photo that looked like a slide puzzle but they seem to be stuck on their predefined pictures.

    Best I found was Slide X:
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    Here is a 15 puzzle game I've been working on and now have it to a state that I can share it.

    Give it a go and let me know what you think.

    It's pretty simple to play. There are three preferences you can change.
    Tapping the 'X' button on the top right exits the game or you can just hit the 'enter' key or 'home' key. Shuffle gets you a new game board. I have not finished the manual entry of a game but that is next and should be finished next weekend.

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    It may be simple but it is darn near exactly what I was looking for! Nice job.

    If I were writing it myself the things I would add/change would be:

    Make the tiles a little more detailed or even better offer the ability to create your own tile map in the form of a fixed size GIF so I could even use a resized photo of a 15 puzzle that I have.

    Make it more keyboard friendly by allowing the use of the navigator, if I push <RIGHT> then slide the tile on the left of the open space into the open space.

    Thanks again for sharing.
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    Now that I have the basics of the puzzle working I can start doing a little refinement of things. 5-way navigator was already on my list so that will be in the next update.

    Hadn't thought too much about using a .gif for the tiles but that is something I will look at. Send me your tile example if you will and I will a least have a good starting point.

    Thanks much,


    cquick @ thequickster . com
    cquick2 @ earthlink . net
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    I use my stylus for very little so getting the navigator to work would be great, glad you are on the same track. To make it slightly more friendly I would make the navigator select to be a shuffle button so that at the end of a game or just if I don't like the shuffle then I can avoid the menu+key combination.

    As for the tile image here is a quick and dirty version that looks to be sized somewhat correctly, this is a picture of the physical puzzle that I have so the tiles and perspective aren't quite right but I could make a better one or a rendered version would look almost as good.
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    I did a 'Quick' update tonight and added the basic 5-way navigator function for moving the tiles. Take a look and let me know what you think. I just updated the first download post above with the new one. But I did forget to change the version number.

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    Just tried it out and it works great. I will keep using it and let you know if I come across anything. You might want to add the ability to reverse the navigator buttons so that a <RIGHT> moves the tile on the right of the empty space into the empty space, giving the impression that you are moving the free space around instead of the tiles. Not sure anyone would want that but it should be a minor tweak and you never know what people will prefer when it comes to a UI.

    I also made a quick update to the tile picture in my above posting that should be more square and line up better, still not great but a little better.

    Seeing as how I have the attention of someone who can write apps can you make a simple program that when run displays a pure white screen and sets the backlight to maximum, and ideally when the program is exited return the backlight to it's previous value? There are a lot of flashlight style programs out there but none that I found that does the auto backlight thing.

    Thanks again.
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    Having a flashlight program that will turns up the backlight when run and switch back to your initial backlight setting when exited would be great.
    I tried a few flashlight programs out there and they all use my current backlight setting, which is set pretty low to conserve battery.
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    Okay, I have posted an update to my 'Quick 15' game. Added the shuffle function to the center key and made some changes in the game pieces.

    Will look at coding up a Centro Quick flashlight.

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    not sure if this will help you, but here a piece of code for the flashlight.

    btw.. why did you remove the X to exit the game? Also, look like whenever I switch to doing something else and come back to the game, it give me a new shuffle. Would it be better to keep the existing game until I manually exit the game or do a new shuffle?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MR2Reef View Post
    not sure if this will help you, but here a piece of code for the flashlight.

    btw.. why did you remove the X to exit the game? Also, look like whenever I switch to doing something else and come back to the game, it give me a new shuffle. Would it be better to keep the existing game until I manually exit the game or do a new shuffle?
    Thanks for the information on the flashlight. All bits of Palm stuff are always useful to me.

    Well, I was sort of cleaning up the application and thought I would just remove the 'X' to quit button. If you think it was useful I can put it back. You can also always quit most of my apps by hitting the 'return/enter' key on the keyboard.

    I have thought about saving the current game and then restoring it on the user entering the application again. Would that be something that is really useful? Let me know and I can add that this week. Do you like the new tile look better than what I had previous?

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    The new tiles look good... made it a little more colorful.

    If you already have the code to implement the quit button, then I think you should keep it. It give the user a peace of mind to hit the quit button and know for sure that the program is not running in the background when he switch to another application.

    Honestly, this game is so short and quick that it wouldn't be a big deal to lose the current game when switching to another application. Sudoku is a different story, because that game take so much longer to solve. But then again, if it is relatively simple to save and load current game, then I think you should implement it just for completeness sake.
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    Okay, I added the missing 'X' back to the application and I think that is about it. Still looking at adding code to save the current game but then I am also thinking like you that each game is so short that there are not too many reasons to save it.

    Also, I finished my Centro flashlight, aptly named 'QuickLight' or 'QuikLite' on the screen. Not too much too it. Start the app and it saves your current screen brightness setting as well as saving your current auto-off time. It sets the screen to full brightness and the auto-off timer to 60 minutes.

    When you exit the app it restores your screen brightness setting and your auto-off setting.

    To exit the app just touch the screen anywhere. That's it, plain and simple.


    BTW, I have not settled on my icon just but theone I used should be okay.
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    Flashlight works perfectly.. the touch screen to turn off program was a nice "touch".
    Thanks a bunch.
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    Very nice work. I love QuickLite, it is exactly what I needed as well. I remapped my side button to be QuickLite and it will come in handy often.

    The changes to Fifteen are also great, the different color tiles work well. Although I didn't care about the missing X it also doesn't bother me that it is back, but saving the state of the game would be nice. I often get a text while playing a game and it would be nice to return where I was, not critical just nice.

    Last suggestion would be an enhancement to the manual game entry mode. In this version my phone no longer crashes when I try to manually input a game but it does not affect the shuffle so you are almost there. My idea is to provide a seed number to the randomizer so that if I wanted to race a friend on the same puzzle it would be easier and more random than manually entering the pattern. This would be like MS FreeCell where you can enter a known game number that would give you the same deal each time.
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    Here is just a quick thought I came up with while reading your post. What if I make it such that you could beam a starting game patten to another user? It would put the pattern in the manual entry form and then you could go from there.

    Let me know.


    BTW, I also mapped my side button to QuickLight.
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    Beaming might be a cool addition for a manually entered puzzle, but for a random shuffle if I just had a 4-5 digit number to tell someone it would be faster than even starting the beaming process. I don't know how you coded the randomizer but a simple PN sequence generator would be easy, if you are unfamiliar with them take a look here:
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    I have posted a new version in my original message. I also changed the name to Quick15. Thought it sounded better than just plain Fifteen.

    Anyway, I finished the manual game entry for the die hard 15 puzzle fans.

    I also added another input option for starting with a seed and always generating the same game. It appears to work ok but you should also know that not all random generated game boards are solvable. But I have tried to take care of that and hopefully none you come up with with will not be dead ends.

    When you enter the seed number you then tap the 'Create Board' button and you should get a pattern that is repeatable. Tap the 'OK' button to play the game.

    Added a beam function so you can beam the game to a friend and then the both of you can play the same game board and see who comes out on top.

    Let me know how the new version works for you.


    BTW, you should delete the previous version before installing this one with the new name.

    Here is another extremely simple app I created for my wife to use on her Centro. It is nothing more than an icon that when you tap it your Centro will reset.
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