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    Well, did you check out the last version and the updates in it?

    Just curious cause I did not receive any feedback.

    The Quickster
    "I'm your Huckleberry!"
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    Quickster, I'm using this on my Treo 755p, and love it! It nice and simple, and helps me kill time. Yet, it's also frustrating when I'm "sooooo close" to winning, LOL!

    Thanks for your hard work with this app!

    VERY happy user of these GREAT apps:

    TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial.
    Also check out the
    TAKEphONE skins , TAKEphONE skins thread

    Verizon Treo 755p
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    I did make some comments on July 22nd. You didn't respond.
    Quote Originally Posted by AlbanyHDTV View Post
    I like the "Hall of Fame" list. One small possible improvement:

    The first game I played went into the #1 slot of the 5 available. The second game I played didn't beat the #1 score, but it was not placed into the #2 slot. The 3rd game I played, I beat the #1 score, pushing the previous #1 to #2.

    Shouldn't the first 5 games be put into the "Hall of Fame" and then the only time the "Hall" would be superceeded is if any following games beat at least score #5?

    Also, what is "Game Seed"?
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