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    I just noticed that my keypad backlight never goes on even when I try the option+menu trick. I don't know if it ever went on. I tried a hard reset followed by a soft reset, and it still won't come on. I only have one or two programs installed that I dl'ed from palmloyal essential programs. any suggestions?
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    If it is not coming on at all. then it is likely a hardware issue.
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    well, first thing that works is the search function. I did a search for "keyboard backlight" and found by the 3rd thread that came up that your problem is with what you installed.

    if you installed the grouped centro apps then you installed "keyshades" application that is only for the 755p. when you add that to a centro it defaults to the keyboard being off.

    go into your file program, scroll down to the k section and remove "keyshades hack" then remove the battery to reset the phone. fixed problem.

    search function works great guys. took me about 10 seconds to find your problem that i knew nothing about. .02$
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    Binder, you are that typical internet guy who says "use the search". I found those threads prior to my post. Thanks for the advice. First, i don't have keyshades installed. Second, I got the advise to hard reset then soft reset from those threads i "searched". I also "searched" in google and the palm website. No answer so far has been a solution. So I will take the other posters advise that it must be a hardware problem.

    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to reply, "use the search engine".
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    QUESTION - I like turning my pad lights off, but when I wake it up, lights are back on. Is there anyway to program to leave them off unless I hit buttons to turn them back on? I honestly don't and won't think about doing this everytime I get call.
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    There are a couple of applications that do this. To me, the best and simpilest is KB LightsOff by LilApps ( Works absolutely great.

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    Does anyone know any freebies that would do this?

    I checked above link, thanks for tip, but get so tired of buying apps that do simple things that seem like could be included on phone. Especially since there are so many hidden tricks on Treo's.

    That is why I read this forum.
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    "KeyShades Hack"


    install will prompt to soft reset if not reset yourself.

    after reset keyboard lights will be off and you toglle by holding the side button for a sec.
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    Old Hatch, Thank you very much.

    I found this in, downloaded prc files to Centro. It does not show compatibility but works

    The instructions are perfect, Centro asked for reset after sync.

    Works perfectly, I have KeyApps so uses same settings for tap of side button.

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