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    Anyone noticed that xWeather is not working when you choose Yahoo for the weather info? When I select the other choice of NOAA (instead of Yahoo), NOAA does seem to work. Anyone have the same problem? I'm using xWeather version 1.1.0 registered.
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    I don't use xWeather so I don't know, but I can tell you Yahoo made changes to their weather codes so that maybe why its not working. Treoweather & 4cast where recently fixed/updated for that reason, you might want to send the developer an e-mail. Good luck!
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    It was difficult to get the author of xWeather to reply for another issue I had but he did eventually fix the problem.

    Now then, why in the world would you use Yahoo weather instead of NOAA? NOAA is ultra dependable and Yahoo is just so flakey about everything.

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    One of the strong featureof xWeather is that you can choose your source of weather info. I use to like Yahoo but gave up on it a while ago. Now I have NOAA selected for all of my cities.

    As the Rev said above, the format changed at Yahoo so xWeather has to change something on its end. Yahoo makes these changes regularly and apparently with no advance notice.
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    On the Moxsi forum site, Scott said a few days back that he is "looking into it". I guess, given the economic consequences, this is something that might be actually acted upon, unlike other earlier promises that were never met - primarily, for me, choice of international locations. I think its fair for people to know that this app that has seen absolutely no evolution (apart from making it usable on the 755p and Centro) and precious little customer support since it was first released several years back. This used to be obvious from the comments on the forum - but all the old comments have now been deleted.



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    I e-mailed Scott at Moxsi about this problem the other day, and, in fairness to him - he replied that he was looking into it in one day. As to why anyone would choose Yahoo's weather service over NOAA's - on Yahoo - they tell you if the barometer is rising, falling, or steady - which they do NOT do on NOAA. That's just one of the reasons one might choose the Yahoo service.

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