I'd thought about posting this in the Communications forum, but I imagine there are people there looking in here. I have had success with the Supplynet <--> Samsung cable soltuion. It's nice that my model phone displays the length of calls when I hang up.

What I'd like is an application that displays a timer (preferably in the corner of my screen.) I 'd like this timer to indicate how long I've maintainted a connection using the Network app on the PalmOS. At the end of my call (Data connection) I'd like to automatically export the time to a database so I can log my connections. I do not want to use BigClock. Are there any alternatives or known similar applications? Basically I'm looking for a program similar to Runtime; however it would indicate my time using individual apps not simply the PalmOS 'uptime'. In my case I'd like a log of sessions on the Network app.

No time to search for software these days!
Thanks in advance