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    I just migrated from a Treo 650 to Centro (AT&T). On the Treo, pressing the alt key after the numbers 1,2, or 3 would bring up choices for TRUE fractions (1/4, 1/2, 3/4) and TRUE exponents (1,2,3). I know that these characters are in the character set because I can cut and paste them from memos carried over from my 650. How do I find and type these characters on the Centro? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    Anyone? Is this even possible on a Centro?
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    The treo 755p doesn't do that.
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    My 680 does not do that and my Centro does not do that. Will see if I can find my old 650 and see if it really does such a thing.

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    that's a cool trick that I never knew about my 650. tried it and it works if you hit alt after the number 1 (for the fractions). tried it on my centro and couldnt figure out how to do it either.
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    Quite interesting. Finally located my retired 650 and voila, it does work on my 650 as well. Have to do some more investigation with my 680 and Centro.

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    When in text entry mode, try "Edit" and "Keyboard Help" to see what characters are possible. Saves time looking. Someone try this on other models.

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    I had to setup shortcuts to get the fractions.
    Basically, you have to put the fractions into the Palm desktop, hotsync, then copy-paste them into the shortcut application.
    see this thread.
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    Would someone on a PC simply include fractions in a response so we could copy them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FastFrank View Post
    Would someone on a PC simply include fractions in a response so we could copy them?
    You want this?

    ¼ ¾ ½
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    Yup, looks like they took the feature out with the change of the alt key funtionality after the 650

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