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    This is an odd problem. Tom Tom worked fine on my Treo 650 and after contacting TomTom, I copied over all the files from the SD card onto my Palm Centro (I also installed the upgrade from the Palm site).

    The program loaded OK and I inputted my registration details - but now whenever I tried to launch the app I just see the splash screen and then it dumps me back to th e last app I had open.

    I've tried copying the start.prc file to RAM and various other locatins but all to no avail.

    TomTom have given me the brush off ("the Centro is not on our lost of compatible phones") so has anyone any ideas please?
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    You need the Treo 680 upgrade; I think there's a thread about this further back with the link.

    Err,... I think this should be it:


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    Addendum: It is ever so slightly sluggish, compared to my T3, but otherwise works without a hitch on my GSM Centro.


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    Hi. sorry but you must have missed the bit in my first post where I said: "I also installed the upgrade from the Palm site!"

    When I start the program now it just shows me the logo and then quits.
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    Sorry - you're right, I did overlook that.

    Just to make sure: did you install just the three files Start, Data and Munich, or did something from the 750 update creep in?

    Also: have you considered preparing a card just with TomTom and trying that on a "clean" Centro after a hard reset?


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    There are 2 different updates on the palm site for tomtom. The 680 and 755 one. Have you tried both? I remeber one working on my wifes centro but not the other. If im not mistaken they were like 3 files or so that needed to replace the ones already in the tomtom folder.

    Also do you know about formatting your card to have tomtom not slow to a crawl? (refresh every 2-3 seconds!)
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    Not that this is what you want to hear now, but Garmin Mobile XT is working great on my Centro, should your endeavors prove unsuccessful.
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    I have both TomTom6 and Garmin Mobile running on my Centro as well as the wifes. (granted they're not running at the same time)

    I used the 680 update files to install it

    Also, I wouldn't recommend UDMH to try to make it faster. I tried and it was constantly rebooting on me. It's bearable for me so I'll just run it without UDMH
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    Thanks for the the centro is quick when compared to the 700P...the difference is crazy...maybe PALM got it right this time
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