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    Please help me identify a program or work-around that may make this work. One of the things that I love about my Treo WX winmo is that when I hit a certain button it always goes back to the 'home' screen on wake up (e.g., when I hit OK button I immediately go back to the Home Screen). Is there a way to make a button the equivelent of a HOME button on the Centro? Will Butler do this?
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    Isn't this accomplished by hitting the home button instead of the power button to wake the centro up?
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    That is why I am confused. Ben
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    just disregard question, I guess I am just getting used to the move from WM.
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    May I ask why in the world you downgraded from the 700wx to the Centro? I've had both and am now using the HTC Touch. Way better. But just interested in why you went to the Centro?

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