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    After several calls to Handspring Technical Support they have finally concluded that there is a limitation on how much data can be transferred to the module from the Visor. I initially tried to move a database that was greater than 4MB and the amount transferred was under 4MB making the database unusable. Handspring states that this is a limitation of PalmOS. The issue has been escalated to Handspring engineers with highest priority.
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    You only have 3 posts and they all happen to be the SAME!

    Please do not do that.

    We only need to read your post once.
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    If someone spams, is it spamming to post the fact that I had no trouble copying a five meg database to an eight meg memory card with my Visor Deluxe about a year or so ago in multiple places, or what?
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    My intent was not to spam and actually have had favorable responses from my posts. Perhaps you could provide solutions and refrain from flaming which clearly violates the rules of this discussion group.
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    Nobody is flaming. We're just saying that one post is enough!
    Also, why would this post be in the "software" forum (Rhetorical question, no need to answer)?

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