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    I'm not sure where this goes so I'll stick it here until someone can tell me otherwise. I'm using a 700WX with Goodlink. It has RSS feed capabilities.
    Part of my job requires that I keep constant tabs on where certain commodities are priced at any point in the work day. At this point it's the COMEX price on raw copper. I am looking for the ability to have a feed that send me that price on an hourly, 5 minute???? basis.
    Any ideas????
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    Try poking around in this forum:

    User "scottymomo" has a stock center app that might do what you need.
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    Not really the right place for this question, you will have more luck elsewhere.

    You might want to look into feedburner, or some similar app that let's you make your own criteria.


    If I were you, I would rather use email alerts sent to a sub folder that Goodlink updates, or use a separate application like the previous post recommended.

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