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  • First Palm product - Knew nothing of 700p problems but it doesn't concern me.

    10 12.82%
  • First Palm product - Knew nothing of 700p problems but wish I had known this before buying.

    6 7.69%
  • Knew of PALM's product and support failures but am confident that this one will be different.

    39 50.00%
  • Knew of PALM's product and support failures but figure there is little to lose for such cheap price.

    18 23.08%
  • PALM's product and support disasters are preventing me from buying this thing.

    5 6.41%
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    I was just wondering if Palm's shamefully arrogant lack of support for their other products, specifically 700p, is something that would make you think twice about buying a Centro. In case you are new to Palm products, take a look at the following thread.

    Palm 700p Support Response Tracker

    Basically, they charged l$600+ for a Treo that they released with major problems they knew about. They did not fix any of them until they were harrassed for over a year. Then they released one ROM update that fixed some issues while causing even bigger problems for other users such as not being able to even text msg anyone. Then they washed their hands clean of it ever after.

    Am just very curious to know if the Centro owners are people who got off the higher end 700p Treo or new people who know not of Palm's support history. So I am putting up a little poll.
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    I love my centro. If you got a new phone that didn't work, why would you keep it? You have a 30-day trial period, right?

    And do you realize that the vast majority of people are happy with their Palm products? Mostly all you hear about on the forum is problems.

    One last thing: You left out the option for people to vote that they are fine with Palm's support. In other words, your poll is highly skewed. If you really want to learn what people think, why make all the options so negative? Looks like you're the only one who has voted so far.
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    Everyone has gripes about something in life. I think it fine to let people know you have them. It's also fine for us who are happy with our Palm products to not gripe and let others know we like our Palm Phones. This is not a phone just for entry level. Most others on this site are on their 3rd and 4th generation Palm Phones. I am a strong believer in that if you don't like something, don't buy it. This is my third generation of Palm Phone and the Centro the the BEST OF THE BEST. I recommend it highly. You can always find a little something you don't like. So what do you do... switch to Pocket PC WinDoz? Not me.
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    I took the centro for a test drive- returned it- keyboard way to small.

    But, I'm not sure Palm can make decent hardware from a quality perspective.
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    This is my first Palm product, and Im still loving my phone. I'd lurked around this forum for a while, and had read about the flaws in 700p. I tried purchasing one on ebay, but it turned out it was already activated plus had a balance. Luckily I was able to get my money back.

    Initially I was looking at buying a PDA because I cant, for the love of me, remember anything I write down. I need a beep, an alert of some type to remember. I LOVE THIS PHONE!! plus, I havent had any issues
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    I have no regrets upgrading to the Centro. I had the first one for a month but had to return it due to ATT's upgrade mess-up on our account. With that first Centro, I had no problems with it. I was pretty upset that I had to return it and get a new one. I was afraid to have to give up the problem-free phone. As it turned out, the second one that I got is just as great. The phone runs smoothly as usual. Yes, this is my first smartphone and Palm may have had problems with some of their previous models, but Centro is different. It's been solid and stable so far and I believe many Centro owners will agree with me on this. BTW, my brother has a Palm Treo 600 and he is happy with it.
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    You could have saved yourself the trouble as Palm's own survey of Centro buyers showed that ~70% were 1st time smartphone buyers with 1+ million sold so far.

    People buy it because (1) it's $99 (2) has a kb (3) small and (4) it works --most don't get into the "politics" of Palm and the industry.

    700p was crap--everyone knew it within days. Waiting for Palm to "fix it" was a dumb gamble.

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    Having said that, I never had a problem with my 650, 700wx or Centro.

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    That was a really negative poll. As a note, my 700P after a bit of work was exceedingly stable. Ben
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    Well bob

    It appears that you are still sucking sour grape Kool Aid thru a bendable straw in a really tall glass.

    My 700p is 2 years old next month and is extremely stable and fast. I've had Palm PDAs and Treos (650 '04 and 700p '06) and now a Centro ('07) too. I have always been happy with Palm and Palm OS products.

    Over the years of hanging out in Palm related forums, indicates to me that most people screw up the device with installing crappy apps, over stuffing the RAM and have no ability to troubleshoot what they did.

    I would have thought by now, that if Palm and the 700p abused you so badly, that you would have moved on to something simple by now.

    A bit harsh? Yes, I am just tired of you and your Palm bashing.
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    I agree with TreoTraveler. I have had 700p, 755p, and now Centro.

    These are thought of like small computers due to interface with computer. Just like a computer, the more you put on on to it, the more possibilities of problems. If one is going to load it up, one needs to read and understand how it works, and if if the phone acts up, how to take it off.

    Over the years, I have learned a lot from these forums. Some stuff is so over my head, some is so useful. Will not load anything until I search and read reviews. Actually don't need very many 3rd party apps, the phone is great as is.

    We all have wish lists it included. If it did all of this, it would be too expensive, too hard to operate for masses, and too complicated to use every day - like Windows. Tried it, cool, but needed glasses to hit right buttons, close out programs. Went right back to my simple one handed, easy to see Palm.

    It is a phone, not a computer, and swear it does more and does it faster than my first couple of computers. So learn to live with some limitations and speed, or just get a simple phone.
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    The Centro is probably the most stable Palm OS 5 device I have used since the CLie TH55.
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    Other then my middle button currently broken (seems to be a common issue) I love the phone. Everyone always says the keyboard is too small but I have very large hands and use it fine, it just takes a couple weeks to get used to it.
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    I have no problems with Palm. I had that big bulky one with the flip (270?) then 600 then 650 (oops forgot I HATED 650) Now Centro and I just love it.
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    You know how I came to own a Centro? Here's my story.

    Last December I escaped an abusive relationship, in which the guy took all my money, causing me to not be able to pay my Sprint bill, resulting in loss of service to my beloved 700p. He hated my Treo with a passion & threatened to destroy it, cause he was convinced I was using it to have online affairs, which was preposterous. My beloved baby was rendered virtually useless. So after getting the crap knocked outta me both mentally & physically for the next 6 weeks & having no phone, I finally left him & signed up with Alltel. Having no money, I could not afford another Treo so I took the free razr. I had that for 2 months, then an opportunity presented itself for me to get a Centro & sign back up with Sprint for a measly $60. And here I am today, with my little black Centro, which is something of a trophy to me now. My ex didnt want me to have another treo ever again, but up his. I will never have anything BUT a Treo ever again.

    I bought my Centro because I could not afford any other Treos at the time, and at first I wasn't too sure about it, but I have grown to love it tremendously. I have had practically ZERO problems with it, other than sucky battery life which will be solved when I buy an extended battery of course. I get lags occasionally & lockups too, but they're a small price to pay IMO.

    I've had Palms for about 6-7 years now. I would've had them sooner if I hadn't been so broke when they first came out. m130> tungsten E> Zire 72> Treo 650> Tungsten E2> Treo 700p> Centro> PalmPilot Professional (doesn't work though).
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    My wife was using Palm devices about 2 years before I did. I never saw a need for one even when I helped with setting it up. One day she came home with a Kyocera 6035 (Sprint) and I played. The next day I had one. I then went with the 300, then the 600, then the 650 (hated it), the the 700w, then the 700P and now the Centro. The Centro has been the most stable and frankly, the 700P was also stable.

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    This poll is wack! Centro is great! 300 to 600 to 700w to Centro all good.
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    i have a 700p and i am 90% happy with it. my only complaint is BT. I just bought a Centro for my daughter. your polls sucks since i could not find a choice to fit me. It is biased and unfair.
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    why would someone even care about the 700p if they aren't buying it?

    that's like me worrying about how my camaro will drive when there was a suspension issue for the suburban. WHO CARES....different product.
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    Thats the great thing about the Centro, it's an affordable Treo.

    The speaker quality really bugs me compared to the 755p, but you get otherwise similar features and newer software for less $$.

    Also the poll does seem pretty worthless...
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    Shall we through a political twist on this: a democrat asking a question to get a specific answer.

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