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    I tried to update the firmware because I had endless problems with bluetooth. I did a backup using nvbackup before and did a restore after

    Updater worked fine but now I can't use the phone: Bell picture shows up then it's ROM Mismatch.

    How the hell do I fix this ?
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    Just use "Update FW" in the cdmaupdater

    Originally Posted by Coolspode

    Any advise as to whether I should attempt a 700 to 755 upgrade to a Bell unit?


    If you can do a nv dump and r2sd dump for me first if you don't mind (espically the r2sd dump) I wish I can do it for you, it would be easier than explaining.. anyway let me know if you are interested in doing that first...

    (sorry I have been dreaming of getting the CC-cap/PRI off Bell for over 1 1/2 years now..)
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    It was already too late.

    I did upgrade the CDMA Firmware but now I've lost everything (ESN #, etc) in My phone info.
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    Wow, you may have an expensive brick. I was thinking of upgrading my 700P with the 755P ROM, decided not to them found out that the old ROM was still available, decided not to - you do something like that and cannot get it going again, no coverage for replacement. Did you call your provider, they should have the ESN# for the device.

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    Just get a Bell NV file then put back your ESN, then do a ##PRI reset

    To get EVDO data working is more difficult on Bell than Telus.
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