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    Have the new Centro, got an expansion card and all that jazz. Love it.

    Hotsync'd a few mp3s to the Centro, they play in Ringo and ptunes. The problem is I go to the card menu and it is blank. No music or anything I've sent to the card. I am trying to bluetooth a mp3 to a friend, but I can't find it anywhere on my phone. It won't let you send it through ringo or ptunes so I'm stuck.

    Does anyone know where the music files are located? Also, why is my card menu blank?

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    Use a tool like FileZ (freeware) and you should see the files under /Audio. From within FileZ you will be able to send them over.

    In the standard launcher you will only see applications listed under /Palm/Launcher
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    Unless you are using a third party launcher, all the default launcher will show you are applications located in the /Palm/Launcher folder.

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    Is there any way to set the default location of music files? For example I want to load a whole bunch of mp3's onto the 4gb microsd I just installed, can I tell my Centro to automatically store the files on the card instead of the built in memory?

    In actuality I would love to use my lap top to load the songs onto the card but for some reason my laptop won't recognize the card. I think the device drivers need to be updated so I'll try that.


    Edit: Assuming I can't get my lap top to recognize the card, what's the fastest way to load songs? USB wire, infrared, bluetooth?
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    If you use a cardreader to transfer the music (or a SW solution like CardReader from MobileStream), you can decide yourself where the music is stored.
    The SW solution makes your device mimick a USB drive, your desktop will not know the difference

    Infrared is the slowest, then follows bluetooth followed by USB.
    Hotsyncing is ALWAYS slower then a HW cardreader approach (HW and even SW).
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    If you Hotsynced the .mp3 files, it is possible they went into the (hidden) BUILTIN folder in RAM. It is easiest to drag and drop the files to card using Windows Explorer and a card reader or the application CardReader and your sync cable.
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    Hotsyncing mp3's is not the usual way to go. Not only is cumbersome but if you want to transfer big files it's best to transfer the files using an SD card reader. Sandisk has the best one overal that can take SD, mini and micro SD to USB.

    You can create your own folder for audio files and in Ptunes select it for music browsing. Ptunes also has the ability to automatically search for audio files in the SD card and it can even sort them out by artist, album, etc. if the metadata is complete within the MP3 file.

    As far as file transfers, you can do it using Palm Files. This is a free app that either comes with the Centro or in the instalation CD (at least it did in my 700p). Files allows you to browse contents in your SD card, and from within that app you can transfer the files to other devices either through USB, IR or email (if you have email set up in the Centro). I confirmed this by transfering a 6M mp3 from my phone, a 700p to my laptop using BT.
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    If you are using the defualt Pocket Tunes that came with your Centro you can connect the USB cable and start Pocket Tunes and then your Centro becomes a USB memory device and you can drag the files directly to the Audio folder. Or create a new folder and store them there.

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