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    Looking at the boards make me feel the 750 is somewhat stable now with WM6 upgrade. I am looking to upgrade and am a Sprint user. Can someone comment on the following:

    1) How is the power usage-I had read the internet connection stays on all the time before and eats power up. Is this still an issue or Palm address.

    2) Suggested Email replacement for Sprint PCS business connection. I want to get away from the email first hitting my PC and then being pushed to my phone. My email is exchange and hosted by a service providor--Veramail maybe?

    3) I assume all my files will be easily migrated to 750. My current SD card does not sound like it will work in side slot. Assume just resync and load onto new card this data from PC.

    4) What if any issues exist with Vista. I am on W2K and would upgrade Palm first before I would go to planned Vista upgrade later this year. Does 750 Sync code work ok on Vista?

    5) Any other gotcha's on 750 that will make me cringe. I own a small business and really spend most of my time on the road trying to close business. Thanks to everyone who contributes. Take care
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    1) Power usage varies but I get a full day out of it with push mail on. Charge nightly. There are times I use it very heavily and need to hit the charger by 9pm. Usually 10 min on a car charger or one at home/work will give it enough boost to make it well in to the evening. 3G uses a little more power than GSM, so there's another variable. Staying connected? Well the 650 also keeps the data connection alive. It's idle, not using any additional power, but it's connected. I think it's a myth that it uses more power because it's just in standby like the phone but that's me.
    You'll need a 3rd party app to auto-disconnect the data between uses if that's what you want to do.

    I recommend you invest in an additional charger and vehicle charger, or a spare battery for those just in case scenarios. If you can remember to get just a quick recharge here and there you'll never have a concern.
    Note: Your Treo 650 chargers and sync cables will work with the 750.

    2)Suggested replacement is Seven Mail V7. Currently in Beta. (Free.)
    Sprint Business Connect mail is re-branded Seven Mail V6, if I'm not mistaken. V7 is totally redesigned and worth checking out.
    If your outlook mail is hosted by an ISP, then you have two options:
    1) Use Activesync Push which is built in to Windows Mobile. Just configure it for the OWA (outlook web access) settings and it'll sync email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.
    2) Use Seven Mail V7. It does the same thing connecting directly to the OWA of the Outlook server.
    I prefer Seven. I also believe it uses a less battery power because it is very efficient at using data when in push mail mode.

    However, Seven Mail is Push mail, or manual checking. You can not set it to check on a schedule.
    Activesync can do both push and schedules.

    The built in email app (pocket outlook) is really the only email program you need. There are 3rd party mail programs but I've found them to be more trouble than good.

    Seven Mail and AciveSync are merely conduits (so to speak) that facilitate the email transfer between the server and pocket outlook. Seven is not a full fledged email program.

    3) File Migration is tricky between the 650 and 750.
    The 650 is PalmOS. The 750 is Windows Mobile. The files are not at all compatible.
    To move contacts, notes, tasks, you have to first sync them to outlook (or to an exchange server) then sync your Treo 750 with outlook or exchange to move them to the 750.
    None of your applications will be portable between the two.
    I think there is even documentation that explains how to do this on Palm's support site. I'm not totally sure.

    The 750 uses MiniSD, and the 650 uses SD. You'll need to get a new MiniSD card. You can transfer photos to the new card and the 750 can see them. But most of your 650 stuff won't work on the 750.
    Also you can use a MicroSD card in a MicroSD-to-MiniSD adapter if you like. I just say that in case you already have a MicroSD or find greater availability of MicroSD.

    4) Yes it syncs with Vista. On W2K you'll use Activesync. On Vista it'll be the Mobile Device Center. No issues that I'm aware of on Vista.
    More here:

    5) Gotchas? Hmm. I can't think of anything. I find the use of the "Notes" feature on Windows Mobile quite annoying. Not as simple and as convenient as on the 650.
    It will take you some time to get used to Windows Mobile coming from the Palm OS.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks for spending some good time with me. I messed up. I meant to say 755 Palm not 750 Microsoft OS. How does this change your answers if you would be so kind to repost. Thanks
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    First do a clean install to upgrade.

    1. I have not had power usage issues with my 755p.
    2. I have used VersaMail for 3 years. It pulls any emails still on the Comcast server that have not been pulled down to my PC. It leaves them there unless I erase them with VersaMail. VersaMail can read any emails in my work Outlook Inbox thru a provided POP3 connection. As well, they stay unless I erase them. I cannot see any Outlook subfolders, just the InBox with VersaMail.
    3. Yes, I just used a card reader and copied the contents of my SD card to the smaller format card that the 755p uses.
    4. Know nothing of Vista.

    I have wanted GPS for a long time. I am going to take a long look at the 800W with using StyleTap to drag along my PalmOS apps. Not sure if I will jump, but I am going to look. The updated 755p is a stable device, my only complaint is the 5 seconds of white screen as it leaves Blazer, I would not be afraid to move to it.

    My daughter has the iPhone. If the iPhone2 has GPS, and MSoffice compatibility and StyleTap makes a version for the iPhone -- I just might go there. Love that screen.

    The best device is the one that best suits your needs. Palm still has an advantage in some of the things it can do (SlingBox and others) but if you do not use those things the advantage is then not there.

    I hope the 900p will WOW me, based on the supposed 800w specs, I have hope, but I am lusting over the iPhone screen.

    Did any of that help?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    If you google on this you get the 755P, but when you try to buy nothing shows up in shopping cart. Very strange. Are they EOL this product. Let me know your thoughts. I have read on 755 comments that is just the colors and new silver will be available. Nothing at or Sprint discusses this issue. One more thing to contenplate. 650 will be with me it looks like a little longer. No wonder their stock is so low??
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    Not EOL'd, just temporarily out of stock. . . .

    I thought the colors were for Centro . . . . . .

    Cheers, Perry
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    755p for $199 via Sprint SERO site - was out of contract, re-upped for 2 more years - a great deal I think
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