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    Has anyone been able to update the PRL on their Sprint Centro? I've had my account flagged about 8 times with *2 and even called a 800 number with no luck! WTF!?
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    ##PRL# doesn't work on the centro... is there another way to manually update the prl? I haven't read of one sprint poster that has been successful with over the air programming.
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    No luck. The Technical service guys at Sprint said I need to do an over-the-wire at a store that has real service. He opened a ticket and put notes in but I haven't gone yet
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    Supposedly according to one of the latest reps of Sprint Tech Support, the Centro does not support Over the Air PRL Updates. Hmmmmmmmm.........
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    Did they tell you how you are suppost to get PRL updates then I have seen other threads here and elsewhere that say that is the only way to do them.


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    There are SOME Sprint Stores that can do it via plug (if they can do it, why can't we!?!?). Beware, some stores charge for this!! (Where as OTA is free)
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    Quote Originally Posted by quick death View Post
    There are SOME Sprint Stores that can do it via plug (if they can do it, why can't we!?!?). Beware, some stores charge for this!! (Where as OTA is free)

    Some charge for it? If that happened to me I would be on the line to Sprint so fast...I mean, come on, they sell you a defective phone (or have a defective process for OTA upates for the phone, whatever) and then charge you?

    I'm glad the tech guy @Sprint support put a note in my file NOT to charge me. I had no thought that they even would but after reading your post. Geez.

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    Just an update, I went to the store the Sprint Tech support sent me to for an over-the-wire update. No luck. This is the main store in the city (as opposed to the resellers). They called around and every other tech they contacted has had the same problem. They say they can only do over-the-wire on non-PDA phones.

    Ironically, the tech offered to swap out my and my wifes Centros for new ones that should have the most recent PRL installed from the factory. What a mess. 1million of these things out there, mostly on Sprint. And Sprint is the one who tells people they need the update (when you call *2 for anything, if you don't have the most recent PRL they tell you you need an update).

    Don't know if I want to swap out stable devices over a PRL but it is a chance to get new phones so...any one know if there are any build quality differences between newer and older devices?
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    man sounds like a mess im glad mines on at&t
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    Funny thing is that I am running 60610 and the rep said that was the latest PRL. Now I was told on another forum it was 60612.
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    60610 is definitely not the most recent PRL. However, no one has figured out how to get a new PRL on a Centro so I guess we are stuck with it. I even had a store tech offer to swap my Centro for a new one so I could get one with the new PRL (presumably factory installed).
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    ##PRL# doesn't work either
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    877-900-6804 appears to be a backdoor number that will get you the update. I tried it, it says the update was succesful and then I power cycle the phone and . . . . . nothing!
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    and it reads 60612...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nitido357 View Post
    and it reads 60612...
    So did you *2, use the supersecret 800 number or what? And, what version PRL was the phone running before you updated?
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    I've been trying to get a PRL update since I got the phone. I have 60610 right now. I've tried calling customer service, and asking my account to be flagged for PRL update. The rep I talked to said that it was flagged, and I just needed to dial *2 again, and once I started talking to somebody it would be done. Nope, dialed *2 and it went straight to the automated voice lady. Tried the 877-900-6804, and this is roughly what I heard:

    "We have determined your sprint phone needs updating, please hang on the line while we update it, I'll tell you when its finished..."
    "Your phone is now updated"
    "The update is still in progress"
    "The update is complete. You may need to turn off the phone and turn it back on. Please hold while I connect you to customer service."

    And still on 60610. I would really like to get the latest PRL, because in a week of use, I've already had 3 calls dropped, and very low service. Not sure if a PRL update will help much, but I really want to know the full extent of the coverage before I decide to ditch Verizon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quick death View Post
    877-900-6804 appears to be a backdoor number that will get you the update.
    Not really. I tried it and it connected me to the regular customer service line.
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    If you're brave you can try this.

    I haven't tried it so I don't know if it works or not...

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    Has anyone said what the prl update 'fixes'? My wife and I are having absolutely no problems with our Centros, and we have never dropped a call. I can't see what it would fix. Actually, the only fix I want to really see is to open up the GPS so we can use Where Am I with Google Maps. But really would like to know the fixes in the prl. Thanks.
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    It really only does something when you are roaming. Wikipedia has a good write up on PRLs
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