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    April 12, 2008; about 10:22 a.m. central daylight time.


    My Sprint Palm Treo 755p has worked fine in all respects for 18 months or more. Love it, etc. Very few problems.

    This morning it suddenly will not let me hear dialing sound or hear called party or hear calling party.

    I have reset the device a couple of times by taking out the battery and waiting a while to reinstall the battery.

    I have tried using an ear piece with the same result.

    Am wondering what caused this and what to do.

    Before I discovered this problem this morning I plugged a set of earphones into the device and listened to POCKETUNES streaming radio music as I jogged. Am wondering if that caused the problem? I have made sure that Pocketunes is "off."

    I have tried inserting and withdrawing a cable from the earphone female jack several times, with no luck.

    I am at wit's end.

    If you have tips or suggestions, please post as I will check email once in a while. (I add, email gets pulled into my device from by way of and snappermail.)

    Thanks in advance. Robert in Austin, Texas
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    It does sound like a headset jack problem. I've read about some solutions (some weird ones too) to this infamous treo issue. I usually just plug and unplug (very quickly) the headset plug a few times and it fixes it - all my treos experienced this. Others have just bypassed (disabled) the headset jack and just use the athena connector for audio. etc., etc. Good luck.
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    area. I had this happen to me on 650 several times. All I can say is try to blow out dirt or whatever is causing this. Also plugging in and then disconnecting fast has also restored this for me. This is a perplexing problem but everytime I have had the sound come back. Also maybe see what a Good tech would say at a Sprint Tech center if you can find one.
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    A responder on the Pocketunes discussion board suggested using compressed air to blow into the ear phone jack on my Treo 755p.

    Not having a can of air handy, I resorted to the "Oklahoma method" and blew into the jack with mouth and pursed lips.


    Robert, Austin, Texas

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