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    Hi folks,

    My old 650 had a very functional phone app. My new 680's app is, well, weird. It's got those 5 tabbed screen tabs on the bottom.

    - 1st one is the phone keypad one, nothing wrong with that.

    - 2nd tab has a star on it and presents a menu of horizontal application launch choices. I don't really want to use any of those listed. Can I change them?

    - 3rd one is the weirdest tab of all with a little phone icon and nothing but a splash screen (set to a photo right now). It shows me the date and time, and aside from that, seems to do nothing else. What am i missing?

    - 4th is the person icon tab where I can look up an individual I wish to contact. Very useful, it is the tab I almost always use. But the 650 version had a button for adding a new contact which I do frequently. that now seems to be a menu function

    - 5th is the call log, nice to have a separate tab for this, works well.

    So it's the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tabs I'd appreciate info on how to make good use of them. Ideas? Should I chuck it for a better phone app altogether, and if so, what do you recommend? Thanks as always,

    -- Josh
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    The best phone app is TakePhone at Grab the beta version Version 7.55 (047) from the download section. You won't regret it.

    Here is a TC thread on the app as well -
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    The second (STAR) tab is "favorites". You can set key characters to load programs, make calls, go to web pages, etc. You have total control over what appears there and what sequence it appears.
    The third tab is a home page. You have alarms and tasks appear there. Also you can show a cute photo!
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    Yeah, the 680s phone tabs suck. The 2nd tab of favourites only has half the number of favourites compared with the 650 & they're harder to access with the 5-way buttons. The 3rd tab is useless. The 4th tab is the same as the 650's contacts app, but with less lines viewable on-screen. Just terrible.
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    I totally recommend using TakePhone as your phone interface. It is a must have app in my book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribble View Post
    The third tab is a home page. You have alarms and tasks appear there. Also you can show a cute photo!
    Ah-hah, now I know why the third seems like a useless tab. I don't use tasks associated with due dates and I don't typically use alarms! But for those who do, I guess it's not so useless.

    I am tempted to try out the phone app folks are recommending. But is there a risk of crashes and system bugs? I've put plenty of software on my Palm Treo's, but I haven't ventured too much into apps which mess with core functionality like Calendar, Contacts, Phone, Prefs, and the like.
    -- Josh
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    Takephone is rock solid and much more that just a phone application. Among other things it is also a major modernisation of the appearance of your phone. (30 day full function trial)
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    Takephone is one of those apps that once you have tried it and configured it to how you like it, you wonder how you managed without it (in my opinion).

    Been very stable on my 680, the developer is very pro-active and frequents these forums alot & there is a wealth of skins available thanks to generous TC members such as NachoB & Mcentreville.

    Skins Thread

    Takephone App thread
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    Nobody here has mentioned this, so here goes.

    One of the most ironic things with Palm and Palm OS is the fact that the PIM apps are coded improperly according to Palmsources own standards. According to Palmsource, apps should return to their "previous" point when returning to them. This is a huge missed opp for making Contacts and Calendar apps more useable.

    But, amazingly, the GSM (Treo / Centro) tabbed phone app either by design or sheer luck, allows you to make a call from the Contacts app, talk on the call, and then hit the PHONE button (not Contacts) while the call is underway. The phone app during the call will return to the tabbed interface wherein you can tab over to the Contacts tab and Shazaaaaam, the same contact info is waiting for you. Very useful if you have notes or want to enter notes while on the call, or simply want to dial another # if the first is bad.

    Contacts and Calendar not returning to their originating points is a true hassle that would get my top tier attention when designing PIMs for Nova.
    Patrick Horne

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