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    so i've been having some problems syncing to my centro to my laptop...well i found out palm is not compatible with xp media edition..does anyone know a way to get around this?..anything!?!
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    Pray tell who shared this piece wisdom with you?

    I've been syncing my Treo 680 with XP Media Edition 2005 for almost two years. I've got a client that syncs their Treo 650 with the original Media Edition .

    The relevant guts are the same between XP Home, XP Media Edition, and XP Professional. You dealt with either someone who lied to you so you would stop bothering them or someone who knows nothing and is too clueless to know how little he knows...Geez...

    What is it that's not working properly?
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    well actually i found it on the palm website... and well im having problems syncing ... my computer recognizes the usb and all the stuff is installed.. but the phone cant connect with it.. even sprint had no idea what was wrong
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    the error is "the connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. please check your setup and try again" its pissing me off now, any advice
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    If you've already done what's on this article, what happens after each step?
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    yes, i have done that and none of that helped says syncing for 3 minutes then says that error.
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    on the centro or on the computer, or both?
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    sorry. just centro... the computer shows nothing at all when i try to sync
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    does the usb cable charge the centro? when you start the hotsync procedure your computer should start to detect the centro and something should show up on bottom right near where the time is...

    Is it a laptop, a desktop...what you think may be insignificant may point us in the right direction...
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    k so i installed it on my friends computer which is a plain old xp, and it worked right away ... i guess ill just use theirs.. but thx anyways man
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    I've been a computer consultant for the past twelve years, my entire adult life. My first PDA phone was a Visorphone. Trust me Media Center has nothing to do with it. If it's a laptop maybe it's not powering the port properly with the ac adapter off. If it's a desktop try all the other usb ports...
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    Quote Originally Posted by fgjruiz View Post
    I've been a computer consultant for the past twelve years, my entire adult life. My first PDA phone was a Visorphone. Trust me Media Center has nothing to do with it. If it's a laptop maybe it's not powering the port properly with the ac adapter off. If it's a desktop try all the other usb ports...
    agreed.. usually is a loose cable. occasionally i soft reset my centro and then it can sync.. rare problem though
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    Have you tried using Bluetooth sync? If you're laptop doesn't have a built in BT card a dongle is cheap.

    I agree with the thought that your USB port might be failing, or under powered. You could also try using a USB hub, or if you haven't already tried, another port.

    I have this trouble sometimes if I use a USB port on the docking cradle for my Dell laptop. It seems to be very picky about connection, or voltage.
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    Best choices for USB port are USB0 (in back connected/closest to motherboard) or powered USB hub.
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    I had that issue once on media center. I plugged in the phone before installing Palm desktop on my laptop and it never wanted to sync.

    Shortly after that I had to reboot my laptop to a factory fresh state. This time I installed the Palm desktop before connecting my phone and it worked correctly after that.

    You could try reinstalling the palm desktop again???
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    That's right, the first time that a Palm device syncs in XP it runs the add new device wizard. When palm desktop is installed I guess it also gives Windows the path to the right driver.

    I had a case in which the computer wouldn't sync. In device manager the PDA was listing as an "Unknown Device", but only while it was trying to hotsync (unlike Windows Mobile devices which show up in device manager the whole time they're plugged in). Once I fed it the right driver hotsync went through on its merry way...

    I bet you that's what's happening in this case...
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    I have Windows Media XP, three Palms, no problems.

    However, mine wouldn't sync yesterday. Checked Device Manager, it was in USB as Unknown Device. Troubleshooting showed no drivers. No idea why, just went through the process to reinstall drivers through Windows.

    Phone magically worked again. Mine is new computer, but things just screw up at times, a lot of times it actually is Norton which causes wierd things to happen. I really hate that program for all the fits it causes me but have to have. How many programs, "turn off Norton before installing"?

    This has happened with cameras, travel devices (another big problem of now you see it, now you don't). Just fix thru Device Manager, read and ask for help, or give it up and get a simple phone - then you will never have any problems.
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    Yeah.. It's pretty funky. I think there are really 2 funky things for the Treo USB connection...

    -When you hotsync, it seems like the Treo/Centro is detected as a different device then when you are just plugged in. This is weird compared to other USB devices.
    -The connector on the palm is kind of funky. If it isn't making 100% perfect contact, the Treo/Centro is still detected as a USB device, but the device info doesn't come across correctly, so it is detected as unknown. This seems to be about 80% of problems people have with syncing Treo/Centros. I wish palm would just redesign the connector so it either is connected or not. Not sometimes being half-way connected.

    I know the treo/Centro connector has been around forever, but sheesh.. I wish they would just use Mini-USB. Plug it in and you know it is connected securely.
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    mine works fine connecting to XP tablet (which has the same components as the media center, just with the extra hand writing capability).

    not one problem.

    you didn't say if you had built in bluetooth or not. make sure you go into your bluetooth config and enable it. the bluetooth icon in teh taskbar DOES NOT mean it's enabled. it just hangs out there no matter what. i had to manually enable mine (FN+f5 on thinkpads) to turn bluetooth on.
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    I know its not ideal especially with what a pain it is to pull out the micro sd, but
    You can back up your files, to the sd, and then copy them to the computer.

    I had to do that on my first zire, when the slider connection broke, and did it for a while before sending it in under warranty to get repaired.
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