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    My fellow TreoManiacs,

    I'm in debt with this community. I said that I would prepare the Treo 650 Casemod Tutorial on January 2008, but it was not possible.

    Perhaps, what seems to be lack of care of me is actually the opposite: The real live presents some situations that cannot be ignored, and to do so, would be irresponsible.

    Despite my obsession with perfection, I learned many years ago that the awesome is enemy of the efficient. Therefore, I've decided to publish the Tutorial containing only the photos and videos, but without the text describing the steps.

    That I will do little by little, and after it's done, I'll post here the news.

    The images will be available, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND the task to be performed without the description. Because it was the first time, I've experienced several issues that have proved to be unnecessary or even dangerous - regarding the loss of material and/or time. There are many tricks that require specific description. As an example: the black paint did not work. Why? That's something that needs to be explained, and it will be, when I find the time.

    There are two really annoying aspects of many of the tutorials we can find on the Web (although there are many exceptions): The lack of clear and self-explanatory images and information. Most people ASSUME that the reader knows all about it, and that's not always the case. But the inverse demands lots of work, and more important, TIME. The precocious release of my Tutorial is the search for the 'middle path'.

    I hope you can comprehend and forgive. I'm pretty sure that, when you see the size of the Tutorial, you'll understand the delay a bit better...

    BEST regards to this amazing community!

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    Alexandre Freire
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    Great picture tutorial, I will be keeping tabs on this for the text. I just recently painted my phone for fun; although it didn't turn out nearly as nice as your photos. I have to admit, it was my first mod ever to any device, but it looks like your tutorial will make my second go around much better--particularly the pieces that don't snap together.
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