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    I've actually switched to Sprint back in November and couldn't stand the keyboard so i immediately went to a 700p. It was actually pretty awesome, never crashed on me or anything. The only thing that bothered me was the antenna, so I recently went with a 755p and I really like the feel and the way it operates. I definitely think that the 755p is much better than the Centro by far!
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    I just switched from the Centro to the 755. The 755 has a bigger screen, bigger keyboard (for my big thumbs) and seems to be much more stable. I had to bring my first Centro back for a reset problem that wouldn't stop. Happened every time I tried to bring up the Sports section in On Demand. Then the second one would reset on its own at any time it wished from time to time. Only app I had on it was Treo Alarm. Nothing else.

    I think the 755 is jst a much better all around phone. And it's only 1/8th of an inch bigger all the way around.
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    The reason I'd consider the trade is two-fold:

    1) I'd probably prefer the Centro
    2) Although the 755p is more expensive and perhaps desirable to some, mine is used whereas the Centro would be new.

    I suppose even selling a used one on Ebay and then buying a Centro would work, but I'm in contract so I wouldn't get the $99 price and I'm far from any time where Sprint would give me hardware discounts. There's a big hassle factor with ebay and everything else so considering a straight-up trade for an old phone to a new one sounds reasonable.

    Like I said, I'd consider it. If they were to offer it to me, I'd run down to the store and play with a Centro and see if the screen/keyboard reduction is a deal breaker.

    The Centro didn't exist when I got my 755p, had it, I would've considered it.
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    Give up the nice rubberized paint body over that of the plastic centro? Hmm, NO! I love my Treo755P and will keep it for a loooong time
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    Definitely still under contract, I got my daughter a centro for $99 and unlimited SMS for a two-year contract renewal. Just call retentions and ask. So I wouldn't trade my 755, if I can get the Centro for cheap. My personal preference is the 755.
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    Got a 755 today and I have one quick question. I guess the battery was really low so I put it on the charger, well 4 hours later, it is only on this normal or do I have a bad battery?
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    Could just be the battery indicator that is reporting incorrect. I would try using the phone till it dies and then charging to full again.

    I have a Seidio 3200mAh battery im trying to get rid of if you end up looking for another battery, but it has the blue extended door (which won't help much if your phone isn't blue).
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    Quote Originally Posted by papped View Post
    I have a Seidio 3200mAh battery im trying to get rid of if you end up looking for another battery, but it has the blue extended door (which won't help much if your phone isn't blue).

    I bet it would still fit!

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    Looks like Sprint has the 755P back on their list of available phones. It appears BLUE is the only available color.
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    i was hoping for the rumored "silver" 755p that came out when they were saying the 755p was gonna be EOL'd
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