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    So let me get this straight...

    Even though I can transfer mp3 ringtones to my 680 and see them in PTones, I can't select them as ringtones in the sounds and alerts settings!?!!?!

    Does anyone know if this is the case for all sound formats, or just mp3s?
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    You can use minitones to convert the mp3s (and trim them down to size) to a ringtone.
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    I have a GSM Centro and MiniTones. I can not get WAV files to play (sound). I select them in MiniTones and they show up in Sounds & Alerts. I pick them as a tone. They show but NO sound. Yes, I have the volume turned on. Is there a work around or another converter program. Is it a user error or Centro firmware problem.
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    I've used Music Tones to convert Mp3's to ringtones in the past. Just the other day I had the same problem you're describing floridatony where it will edit the Mp3 and save it as a ringtone but then won't play anything.

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