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    OK, I was looking around at the palm site to find something for my aunt, when I discovered that you have to pay for the OS 3.5 upgrade! I never figured out how much it costs, but is it really worth it? Even if the visors had flash ROM, would you really PAY for an upgrade? Would it really cost that much more the sell your VDx and buy a VPL?

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    It cost $20. Palm believes "we've really added a lot of value this time." I don't know if I'd consider that true, but I think it pays for the labor and support costs in having the company do the flash upgrade
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    You don't actually send the unit in to Palm for them to upgrade it, its software based. I believe the $20 price is if you have them send you a CD, you can get it for like $15 if you choose to download the software, and the upgrade is free for Vx owners.

    Also, the government supposedly required them to charge for the upgrade because it was happening near the time they were going public, and that would be giving away free software - like Microsoft.

    Its possible to sign up as a Palm developer (for free) and download a ROM from there, and then flash it into the Palm.
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