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    One of the things I'm especially enjoying about my Treo is using it to watch TV or movies via TCPMP. Incredibly watchable and much more convenient on a plane than pulling out my laptop.

    For a long flight I've got upcoming, though, I was thinking it would be nice to have some sort of stand that would hold the device on a table (or airplane tray) at a comfortable angle.

    I'm currently using the Seidio Crystal/Rubber hybrid case. Something that could prop it up at a good angle for viewing would be perfect.

    Any ideas, or better yet good experiences?



    P.S. As an example, I have a Meizu video player that I don't use much anymore, but it's about the size as a stack of 10 credit cards. When I got it, I found a $.99 plastic biz card holder at Staples and bought several of them. It held the device at a great angle for viewing and was easy to toss in my travel bag.
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    This maybe...

    Mine, made from 1.5mm cardboard, is still going strong after 15 months.
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    I have the design all ready... but nobody is convinced it could sell. Or rather, I'm not able to convince anybody that would sell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHex View Post
    I have the design all ready... but nobody is convinced it could sell. Or rather, I'm not able to convince anybody that would sell.
    What does this mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    What does this mean?
    I designed a cheap, thin, plasticky thingy (actually have several "models") that sticks to the back of a mobile phone... thought I had a great idea, and would become rich with that.
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    Thanks for the links. I'd come across the template in an earlier search of the forums, as well as this link:

    to a product called MultiPivot, which is essentially a friction hinge that velcros to the back of the Treo and allows you to prop it up at any angle. I liked the hinge except I prefer not to have to have Velcro on the part of my Treo which faces out when I have it clipped to my belt -- I prefer the cleaner look of the Seidio case.

    Instead, what I've come up with so far, one of which is similar to the template you link to, are these:

    The first 4 pics are from one I cut out of a 1" thick, 4" x 4" block of very stiff foam that came in a shipping carton. Apologies that I forgot to rotate some pics before posting:

    The last 3 were made from a piece of thick plastic (like a grocery store loyalty card, this came in the mail with an ID card printed on it). I cut out the shape and then used a piece of wide packing tape to hold the angle correctly.

    The first is definitely more sturdy, but the second is a bit more portable since it folks up into the thickness of a couple of credit cards . . .

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    Wow Jason! That second one with the card is ingenious! I am going to try to rig this up without a pattern, I have a few old cards I can use.

    Hopefully I can cut it with regular scissors cause I dont have an exacto knife available.

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    Get someone to make it out of plastic with the same blue color and a rubber ridge on the rim touching the treo and you'd be good to go imo

    Actually I might make one change.

    Raise the Treo higher up off the ground so you can plug in the usb cable without trouble while it's in the stand.

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