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    I have read and read on most of these and other forums and I can't get my versamail to access gmail.

    I have gmail downloaded (pop3) to my outlook on my laptop, and I have my versamail set up the exact same way, but when I tell it to get messages it says it can't connect to the mail server. Haven't tried outgoing mail.

    It looks like it connects to the network fine, but just can't find the gmail pop3 server.

    This is a new phone and I just signed up for the $5.99 T-MobileWeb service yesterday. Could it be that it takes a day or two to get everything up to speed?

    Also, I know things are a little funny with the T-MobileWeb service, but I believe I ought to be able to make this work, based on what other people have said.

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    Did you enable pop 3 access in the gmail settings?
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, I have pop3 access enabled. I had to do that to get it on my laptop and my desktop. I currently get gmail on outlook on those machines. Unless

    I have to enable it again?
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    I can't be sure, but you might try adding your gmail account to T-Mobile. Go to and log in.
    Down at the bottom is "Set up my email"
    Type in your email address and password.
    When I had the $5.99 plan, that is what I did, and it worked.
    Also, the out-going port for Gmail needs to be "25"

    See if that works for you.
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    Evidently it took T-mobile about a week to get my t-zones activated.

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