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    I have seen the light by installing ChatterEmail and configuring my GMail for IMAP access. Now I want to free up some ram by removing Java. Which files are safe to delete? I was using Opera Mini until it stopped working for me. And I would occassionally use the GMail application. I have deleted Opera Mini and can do without the GMail app. if need be. So, if you can help please let me know which files can be safely removed.
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    Isn't java available under the delete menu in the default launcher?
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    Don't know what you mean?
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    This assumes that youhave not installed a 3rd party launcher. If you have, go to the original launcher and then continue with the menu part of the article.

    See this article
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    Java - deletion is done through the device preferences screen - I no longer use it so I do not have access to the steps. Ben
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    I copied a number of files to the sd card and deleted the originals. Rebooted and tested the applications I rely on (not Opera mini) and everything is working fine.

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