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    My Treo 650 (AT&T) has recently developed a problem. When I do anything that involves the cellular radio (phone, web, Google Maps) I receive a warning after 10-15 min that my battery is extremely low. The meter registers ~5% at that point. If I immediately turn off the device and let it sit for a very short time, the meter will register a higher number. The number will keep going up as long as I'm not using the radio (I can check the battery every few seconds and watch the value climb back up). If I don't shut down after the low battery warning, the device pops up a dialog informing me it will shut down in 30sec, but does not even get to the end before turning off the radio and shutting down so firmly that a soft reset is needed.

    Any ideas? I have tried an in-cradle battery meter reset, to no avail.
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    I would guess it's time for a new battery (or device). Mine's about 3.5 yrs old and it's starting to show (650).

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