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    OK. I have two things. First of all, I got reverse DUN working very nicely on my Palm treo 700p. Everything is working BEAUTIFUL. The problem, is that as you all my know Blazer won't let me use the internet with the bluetooth connection.

    I got Opera Mini for my palm, but it turns out that I can't download the WebSphere Micro Environment Java VM anywhere! Java won't let anyone download it anymore as of January 2008. So does anyone have that and can they send it to me though email, or provide a NON-TORRENT download link? . OR does anyone have another third party browser that will let me surf through my bluetooth connection to the internet?

    The second problem is that a while back I deleted my Versamail. And I've synced since then so I don't think it's on my computer. Palm is going to make me PAY to get it again for my palm (FYI my palm never came with the CD so I don't have the cd to get versamail from). Does anyone know somewhere I could get versamail 3.5 for my palm, OR another good freeware mail client for my palm?

    To sum it up I need two of these three things:

    1. WebSphere Micro Environment Java VM
    2. Third Party web browser (that lets me surf through bluetooth unlike blazer)
    3. Versamail 3.5 or a good freeware mail client.

    Thank you so much everyone! Please help me out! .
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    Java / Opera - I can email Java to you if you PM with your email address. I no long use it because the "wow" factor just was not there after extended use. Good luck on the browser. Versasmell - do not use it.

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    I have tried many 3rd party email apps (MNotes, Chatter, Snapper, VZW Sync (intellisync), and a few more) My hands down favorite is chattermail, especially now google has gone IMAP. Its now been bought by palm and can be tried/purchased at their web site.

    Defiantly worth the investment.
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    Thanks to both of you. Someone gave me the java runtime environement and now I am rockin' with opera mini! This is awesome! My bluetooth reaches through the entire house so now I can use the internet everywhere on my treo .

    @grendig: I'll take a look at it!
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    Good luck. Ben
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    java is attached
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    I put the JAVA on it still says I need a Websphere?
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    Quote Originally Posted by d1hamby View Post
    I put the JAVA on it still says I need a Websphere?
    Java will not install properly if you do not hotsync or install via email the two files listed below into RAM from the ARM4T folder in the JVM zip....


    Once installed properly, there are about 8 more files that are auto created from the the two .prc files above.

    You can tell if the Java Websphere is installed properly by finding IBM Java VM application in your launcher and IBM Java VM at the bottom of the device Prefs panel.

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