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    Hi All

    Long time Treo 650 user, it finally died now I am playing with my shiny new 680 (unbranded GSM in the UK).

    It's come with 1.12-ROW already, so I don't have to do the update, but I am wondering if it's possible to completely remove Versamail from this, and other things I'll never use, like I could with a custom ROM on the 650.

    If I can't remove Versmail, how can I remove it completely? I know it's still running after a reboot as my Home screen tells me I have 4 unread emails!

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    3Com PalmPilot Personal > Handspring Visor Deluxe > Palm Tungsten T > PalmOne Tungsten T5 > PalmOne Treo650

    Current Device: Palm Treo 680 w/1.12 Cust1 ROM, 4GB SDHC, GlobalSAT GPS Receiver
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    Thanks! I actually came back to this thread to say I found the instructions. I don't know how I missed them before.

    Bye bye VersaMail, hello Chatter

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