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    I use MakeDoc and MakeDocBatch to make ebooks in pdb or prc from HTML and *.txt files.

    These work well enough in a sense, but they have few features. It would be much better to have access to features like creating a table of contents, and enforcing hard returns.

    Is there any more sophisticated but not hideously expensive software around that you know of and would recommend?
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    I haven't tried it yet, but has an extension for converting documents to eBook.
    ODT2PML Extension
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    There was a day, not too long ago (maybe a bit over a year ago) when I played with WordPerfect, indexed the file, et cetera, and then exported it to PDF. I then loaded the file to my Treo 700P and was able to use the file. That is one way.

    As for OpenOffice - do a search on their site, something like:
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    Well, I would like something compatible with eReader software (or at least MobiPocket), meaning exporting to a PDB or PRC file. Reading a PDF on Docs to Go is not very convenient as there is constant scrolling horizontally. If stuck with a PDF I'd convert it to text and use MakeDoc to create a PDB. The only problem with MakeDoc (which does the basic stuff just fine) is that there are no options for even slightly advanced features like inserting double hard returns between paragraphs, creating table of contents and hyperlinks, etc.

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    I haven't tried it yet, but has an extension for converting documents to eBook.
    ODT2PML Extension

    That's interesting--I'll give that a try, thanks.
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    I think the Plucker software will help do this, but I think it uses it's own format (but it does have a palm reader)
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    The answer...or at least one of them...Mobi Creator--a free ebook creator, very full featured, from, directly imports RTF, DOC, HTML and PDF.

    Of course, the results are then best viewed with Mobi Reader software, which I rather hate--although mostly for its obnoxious and buggy approach to Digital rights management causing numerous crashes and risking loss of rights to use your purchased ebooks.
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    Personally I always used makeztxt to compress and encapsulate the text into a pdb file and Palm Fiction to read them.

    It's actually not necessary to do anything to a text file if it's on the SD card to read it with Palm Fiction or probably many other etext readers, however when I was actively reading a book I typically put it in ram so it loads/pages faster.

    As for indexing, makeztxt can do it from a list of bookmarks or using regular expressions (pattern matching). Worked for me in most cases, but not sure what your application is here. I was typically reading novels.

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