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    I just started having the strangest problem with my AT&T Centro's messaging button... No matter what app I have mapped to the little envelope button, my phone forgets after a few minutes... I am using just the normal Palm OS preferences to set the app and I have been using this phone for a couple weeks now without any problems like this...

    The problem first started yesterday, I hit the messaging button to launch SMSPager as usual and I get a screen asking me to select a messaging app to use with this button, the options are XpressMail and Messaging... I hit my home button then hit the messaging button to see if it was just a hiccup but the same thing happens... I go to the Palm Prefs and look at the button settings and it says -unselected- for the primary app for that button... I change is back to SMSPager, hit Done then hit the messaging button and SMSPager comes up just fine... A little while later I hit the messaging button again and I get the stupid "please select a messaging app" screen again.. Go to the button settings and it says -unselected- again...

    I was thinking maybe it was an issue with SMSPager so I swapped the app I had mapped to the calendar button to the messaging button and SMSPager to calendar button... Both buttons worked fine right after the switch but a little while later I try the messaging button and it has lost it's setting again... SMSPager was still launching fine from the calendar button so it seems to be the messaging button not SMSPager...

    I have not added any new apps or changed any settings (other than trying to get my apps mapped back to the messaging button when it "forgets") in the last few days so I have no idea what might have triggered this... Has anyone else ever heard of a similar issue?? I am stumped!
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    No suggestions?? This is really annoying because I don't use Messaging or XpressMail so my messaging button is now completely useless
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    Do you have butler or any of the other button remapping software installed?
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    I have Butler but the envelope/messaging button is not listed as an option for re-mapping...
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    Sounds like hardware. You may need to swap out your unit.
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    If pushing the button did nothing I would suspect hardware, but the device responds to the button press, it just doesn't "remember" what it is supposed to do... After reading another post about someone having issues losing their calendar after a cache flush and someone else attributing it to a Palm bug, I remembered a problem I used to occassional have on one of my old Treos... I use Zlauncher and I used to periodically lose some of my theme customizations... The fix for that used to be restoring my Saved Preferences file using my backup app... On a hunch, I reset my messaging button to the app I wanted, did a backup immeadiately, then did a soft reset. When the Centro came back up, it had forgotten the app I assigned to the messaging button again. I went to my backup program and restored just the Saved Preferences file and the button works right again!
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    Xpressmail has options to take over the calendar and mail buttons. It sounds like that happened somehow. If you don't use Xpressmail, try deleting it.

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