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    Can someone post instructions on how to perform a system/warm reset?

    The soft reset hasn't worked for me and I want to exhaust all my options before trying a hard reset and erasing the device.

    Thanks in advance.

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    On a 700p, remove the battery cover and stylus. Press and hold the 5Way up arrow down and press the reset button near the battery with the stylus.

    Continue holding the 5Way up arrow down for a few seconds. Then release the 5Way up and the reset will finish and the phone radio will be turned off and the phone will revert back to default apps.

    To pull out of the warm reset, soft reset the phone.

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    ok, so that has been unsuccessful, i'm trying to break a looping pattern...

    I've even tried, as one post suggested, to begin a hard reset then switch to a warm before hitting the dreaded "erase all" option, still no love.

    My sync is also not working but on my last try I removed the battery, connected the sync and recharger cord, then held the circle button on the sync cable for like 10-15 seconds.

    I now have one other means of getting the phone to respond as I'm faced with the question "update ROM Image?"

    My questions now are
    1)will hitting yes erase all data?
    2)Can I get a new rom image that will solve this problem onto an SD somehow without using this malfunctioning handheld?
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    Ifyou got into a reset loop that was caused by an application, a hard reset will solve this by erasing all data. So yes, pressing the up arrow down after entering into a hard reset will erase all data.

    If the treo works again after the hard reset, you should be able to download the SD card method of installing the updater to a "clean" SD card installed in the Treo and run the updater. If you download the updater to your devise, you should have Resco Explorer installed on your device to extract the 'Palm' folder from the zip and install 'Palm' folder into your cards root directory and run the updater.

    Or you can download the SD card updater to a desktop and extract the 'Palm' folder from the zip and put the 'Palm' folder onto a "clean" SD card and insert the card into the Treo and run the updater.

    The SD card method of installing the updater is the safe way. If you do a hotsync install of the updater, you run the risk of "bricking" your phone from a momentary loss of connection with the sync cable.

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    One more thing, follow the updater instructions on the Palm site to the letter.

    I did the Sprint update by SD card method and never had a problem with it.

    After running the update, you can install a KNOWN GOOD backup to get your Treo back the way it was.

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