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    I have read the various posts asking if they can backup from a 680 and restore to a Centro, or even backup from one Centro and restore to another...

    However, has anyone backed up from a Sprint Centro and restored to an ATT Centro? Did it work?

    I have my Sprint Centro setup perfectly and I would like to simply transfer this over to my ATT Centro and get rid of the Sprint. However, one being CDMA and one being GSM may represent some issues?

    Thoughts? Has anyone done this?

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    Well, common sense says that the phone files are different, also the Sprint firmware apps that you may have used and have files for in the RAM would be different from ATT firmware apps.

    So, if it was me, I would not install the Sprint Centro backup into the ATT Centro.

    I would suggest hotsyncing your PIM data only to the ATT Centro and do a fresh install of all your apps. This would the "safe" method to eliminate any possible problems with a straight across install of all your files.

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    In the DateBk6 forum, CESD some time ago wrote an article about a related topic - IIRC, he'd had an exchange with a DateBk6 user who suddenly suffered the weirdest problems on his Treo; they managed to pin this down eventually: he had performed a full backup, installed an upgrade from his service provider, then done a full restore.

    Apparently the new version used some system files (or whatever) that were slightly different from the old ones, and the Restored files were now in conflict with the upgrade.

    I should think that different providers would have even bigger differences between their versions.


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    i am having a problem with ATT to Sprint.... seems like ATT has a newer software... anyhow when i transfer to my sprint after hotsync it goes into a loop or reseting. I did a hard reset and gave it another shot.. same thing...
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    i am thinking of going into the backup files or each profile and manually dropping into from ATT to Spring Centro... hopefully that would due the trick... i know everything isn't going to transfer over.. but i'm going to just transfer the important things.
    Sony n710 --> N760 --> NX70 ---> NZ90 ---> 4get sony ---> Treo 600 -- and two weeks later--> (Feb 05)Treo650 .... (March '08) Centro... Palm Pre (launch date)

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