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    I have tried Splash Money and I liked the features, but I found no option for repeating transactions. I have several automatic deductions from my checking acct and this is a feature I must have. The freeware I currently use does it very well, but lacks some of the other features of splash money. Did I miss this in the splash money manual somewhere?
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    You didn't miss it, but if you will drop them (splashdata) an e-mail about it they are good about getting back with you promptly.
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    If you write in the payee and stroke a return (or just hit that enter button) it will fill everything in, with the amount set to the most recent amount to made out to that payee.
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    WOW, I wish all software providers were that fast with a reply. Less than 5 minutes from sending my question. Most places put you on hold longer than that if you call them!

    I just dont like the reply:

    Hi Jeff,
    Currently, we do not support repeating transactions. We are planning to offer repeating transactions in an upcoming release.

    Oh well, I guess I'll save my $20

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