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    I had just about driven myself nuts trying to get my Treo 755P (and then my Centro) to pair using Bluetooth with my new Dell M6300. It just wouldn't work. I found lots of references to problems with the Toshiba Bluetooth stack, but the resolutions I ran across did not work for me (most applied to older Dells, the M6300 is reasonably new). I gave up after several nights of trying different things with the 755P. Then a couple of weeks later I got a Centro. I tried pairing it, but got the same results, and put it away for a week out of frustration.

    Tonight, I stumbled on three possible resolutions I had not seen before. One of them is written out at the bottom of this post (word for word), and I take no credit for it. However, it didn't work "out of the box for me". (take heart if you have a m6300 though, I DID eventually get it to work)

    I also found information here - that gave me a clue, the pertinant information was:

    If Windows won't let you use its built-in driver, go to Device Manager, select the UGX, and go to Properties. Under the Details tab, select "Hardware IDs" in the dropdown box, and copy both of those "Vid\Usb...." strings.

    Edit the "bth.inf" file in your c:\windows\inf directory, and add new lines under the Sony section, with a name of your choosing and the PnPIDs you copied above. Just follow the same format as all the other lines in the Hardware section of that file. It should be easy enough to figure out. Save it and try the above again.

    (in my case, it wasn't under Sony, but under Dell, and wasn't the UGX, but rather an unidentified USB device)

    Finally, I also stumbled on another resolution that mentions a Bluetooth monitor from Toshiba that allows the Windows SP2 Bluetooth stack to work. I downloaded it and tried it, and that did not fix it for me. However, the changes I'm about to mention did get it all working. I did not uninstall the Toshiba monitor, so I can't honestly say whether or not it's required for my instructions to work. Because it works as is for me, and I'm too lazy to uninstall it and try everything again, I'm going to include it as "one of the steps" for "my" fix.

    So, here are my modifications to the instructions at the bottom. Read them all, mine and the original, and then give it a shot - It worked for me, but use at your own risk.

    Step I, download and install the Toshiba Bluetooth Monitor from

    Step II Follow the steps below (beginning with 1.) with the following modifications:

    (Step 3) My system did not have c:\windows\inf\bth.bak. However, I modified the existing bth.inf (first copying it to a backup file). Using a straight text editor (notepad will do, if you must) I added the following line under the section titled:

    Dell Wirless M6300 Bluetooth Module             BthUsb, USB\VID_413C&PID_8140
    (in the above entry, I typed "Dell Wireless M6300 Bluetooth Module" because I didn't know the technical name of the device, and I'm not very original. Whatever you choose to name it should work, it's the second part of that line that's important).

    (Between steps 3 - 4) Before rebooting my computer, I removed the unrecognized device (without the Toshiba driver, my system "thought" it was a USB device) in CONTROL PANEL - SYSTEM - HARDWARE - DEVICE MANAGER

    (Between steps 3 - 4) I selected ADD HARDWARE in CONTROL PANEL, and it used the Microsoft BT stack to install the drivers. Several "OK's" later, the system was running.

    Pick back up at 5, the rest of the instructions should work as is.

    After finishing step 7, I was able to synch using my Centro, and able to connect to the internet using PDANet (I've been a PDANet fan a LONG time).

    Again, use at your own risk, and many thanks for the postings of those that went before that gave me clues as to what needed to be done.

    I found these original instructions here

    After many months searching how to make my Treo 650 Bluetooth Hot Sync with my Dell Inspiron 9300 with the internal Dell 350 Bluetooth Radio, I finally found a working solution (Many thanks to Hydrix on the Dell Support Forum). I ended up Replacing Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba with Microsoft Bluetooth Stack. Here are the step by step instructions.

    1. Make sure you have Windows XP, SP2. This has the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.
    2. Uninstall the Toshiba stack using Add-Remove programs.
    3. Before rebooting the computer, go into C:\windows\inf\bth.bak. Rename bth.bak to bth.inf. (for some reason the Toshiba program renames it to bth.bak during installation, but does not rename it back when it’s uninstalled.)
    4. Reboot the computer. Everything should be running. Verify by opening Device Manager, and under Bluetooth Radios, it should recognize Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Module.
    5. If the Windows Bluetooth Device control panel is not present on the desktop/control panel, then you can activate it by clicking Start, then Run, and typing- bthprops.cpl. The control panel will show up.
    6. When the control panel shows up, go to Options and select “Show the Bluetooth icon in the Notification Area.” In the Notification Area, you should see the Bluetooth icon. You can always start the Bluetooth Support Service by double clicking this icon. However if you also want the Bluetooth Support Service in your control panel. You will have to edit the Registry by- clicking Start, Run, regedit. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Control Panel\don't load. Delete bthprops.cpl. Then Reboot.
    7. Finally, don’t forget to create a COM port before sync with the Treo 650. Just click on the COM Ports tab in the Windows Bluetooth control panel. Make a Port and make sure Hot Sync is using the same port number. Ie. COM4 and COM4, etc.

    That's it. I'm now syncing and using PDANet if/when I need to, and I didn't have to give up my new computer. Life is sweet again.
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