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    Hi all - have a choice of a new in box 755p or new in box centro (sitting on my kitchen table) have been a big fan since my first treo 600 the centro seems to do all the 755 will and some. Anyone have an opinion on what they would send back?
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    do you like the small centro or the regular size treo it basically the same thing.
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    Yeah - I just didnt know if I was missing something. The centro seems flimsy but would hope if there is another treo version they can keep the solid feel with less weight
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    It depends on your demographics and your sex in my opinion...

    The Centro is more suitable for a Female (due to its size)

    The 755P overall is a better winner in my book.

    --Centro has more ram however.

    Caveat: these are my opinion only
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    Trim81 is right centro to me is more suitable for females because its really small i can't type on that thing to save my life I wanted to get it for my girlfriend but verizon doesn't have it yet so i had to get the pearl. The 755p is the best treo out to me and it works very well,in my opinion.
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    I like the feel of the rubber more than a Centro too.

    (and yes, Ive tried both a Centro and a 755P) ...started with a 755P, decided on a Centro, used a Centro for 4 hours and moved back to a 755P.

    ANOTHER big factor I went back to a 755P was... (and this might sound stupid), I saw some teeny boppers at a club pulling out a Centro, that did it for me.
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    The centro does NOT have more RAM, it has exactly the same as the 755p.

    If you want:
    -A bigger screen
    -A bigger keyboard
    -A larger device
    -MiniSD support

    Then choose the 755p.

    If, however, you want:
    -A smaller/lighter device
    -The newest software included (Docs to Go 10, mostly)
    -MicroSD Support

    Then choose the Centro.

    They're essentially the exact same device as internal hardware specs go.
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    I just switched from a Centro to the 755. I have big hands and fingers so typing on the centro got bothersome. I also prefer the 755's larger screen.

    When you put them side to side the 755 isn't really that much bigger. I haven't noticed any difference in performance. They both seem to run as fast as each other to me.
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    The RAM - have you checked the Palm site? It does have more user accessible RAM.

    755P - 60mb
    Centro - 64mb.

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    I went from a 700p (broken) to a Centro. my wife got a Centro first and I was surprised that the smaller screen wasn't an issue. It is a lot clearer then on the 700p due to the pixels been in a smaller area. The keyboard is the main issue but my fingers are long and thin so the adjustment wasn't too bad. Having all the power of a Treo in a much more pocketable package sold it for me. You really need to play with the Centro a bit to see if the size will be an issue.
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    Does anyone know if the bluetooth stack is the same on the 755p & the Centro ?
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    Thanks for the input - decided to go with the centro! Had a difficult time saying goodbye to the Treo design/feel/look but I have to say the small size without loosing any features swayed me. The keyboard was not an issue after playing around with it for a day the screen size seems to be offset with the great clarity with the same pixel count. I must confess this was a big issue for me from a snob value as much as anything else after paying top dollar for many years for the privelage of owning a treo -but the bottom line is the centro seems to give a great bang at a manageable size. As one of u gys said - its a subjective choice!!
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    My main qualms are the speakerphone quality (very noticeable), screen size and keyboard size (I get nearly double the typos on the Centro that I do on the 755p due to my finger size). Other than that the Centro is pretty good.
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    What you want, what you are willing to sacrifice. No device will ever please everyone. For my needs, either fits and after I got use to the Centro, no intention of going to a larger phone.

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    I thought the Centro looked and felt like a cheap toy.
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