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    Quote Originally Posted by dlai View Post
    Ok, the Sprint rep for our company just let us know that the 755p in Blue and in Burgundy are EOL. However, they will be replaced by a Silver one, part number PTR 755PHK. He said Sprint fully realizes that the 755p is used by corporations and that it was just a color change that Palm is doing for reasons unknown to him. So hopefully that sheds some light on the situation. He did say that Sprint puts out a dealer "deck" for dealers which lists all the current phones and the ones on the EOL list were the Palm 755p in blue and Burgundy.
    I will talk to my Sprint Business Accounts Manager tomorrow and find out if this is true. "IF" in fact this is entirely true it will only help in the prolong of moving from Palm OS to WM. If anyone is interested I will post my findings.
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    So will we be able to replace the 755P with the silver or will we be given the Centro?
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    I wouldn't take a Centro as a replacement for a 755p. It's a much cheaper unit... I'd probably rather have a Mogul.
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    Agree- it might sound stupid, but I think the aesthetics of a Centro is for a "girls phone" ---Dont get me wrong, my gf has one and its great, its just not for me.

    I will probably take a 700P over a Centro (if all the 755Ps died and left earth)
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    I've said it before, and Ill say it again now...Chatter is the ONLY program holding me back from PalmOS...

    I wonder what Marc is up to these days @ Palm?
    I've actually been contemplating moving over to WM as well. Chatter was one of my first "concerns". Is there really nothing comparable for WM?
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    Outlook works very well with EAS if you want to go that route.
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    Papped, I just noticed from your signature that you went from a Mogul to the do (did?) you feel about the transistion?
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    Atleast I was able to post this a few days early about the EOL's and now its showing up on the major websites...

    I got more info on this everyone...

    It does seem like Sprint is phasing out the burgundy but not yet the blue. The EOL has been refreshed on Sprint and now show on file the SILVER model that was mentioned earlier in this thread.

    My Sprint Bus. Rep said it shows that ALL 755p's are being pulled as part of a "refresh" and will be replaced by the SILVER model by April 20th. For now I wont hold my breath as this all seems to not make much sense but then again Palm is known to do things that don't make much sense.

    As I get the info I shall keep passing it along...
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    Thanks for keeping everyone updated. I really like my Blue 755.
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    Sprint is just losing to much money on the 755p imo... why spend as much as they do on a phone that isn't selling? Palm was stupid to put out a phone that they make little to no money on (centro). I think they just pushed it out to make sure people would remember palms name just a little longer so they had more time to finish their other more important projects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    Papped, I just noticed from your signature that you went from a Mogul to the do (did?) you feel about the transistion?
    The Mogul was a royal piece of crap for the first 8 months or so of it's life so it was an easy transition. I had to reset that phone probably 10+ times per day (I had 2 different ones, so it wasn't the phone).

    Now the Mogul has been fixed more or less finally and has GPS + RevA, so it's a tougher decision. I still dislike navigating WM on a mobile device though and palm has some great apps.

    I'm pretty sure the 3rd party browsers this year are gonna push me back to WM pretty soon though...

    I dunno, this sounds like the same song and dance Sprint did with the HTC Mogul. Once the news of the Touch launch started going around, all of the sudden you heard nothing about the Mogul anymore and people couldn't get them as easily and firmware updates started getting pushed back more and more.

    Yet another similarity, the Touch DOES NOT REPLACE THE MOGUL. It doesn't even have all of the same features and no hardware keyboard. Seriously?

    Sprint always ends up making it look like they don't care as much about anyone except the latest phone they consider to be "hot".
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    shucks.... i have been wanting to replace my current 755p because its been shutting down on its own... so you think i should call for a replacement now or you think i can eventually replace it with the silver one?

    I have been trying to avoid paying the $50 dedecutible and was gonna stay on the phone until something really goes wrong that it won't function anymore, and i can have it replaced without having to pay the deductible.

    So should i replace it already? how true is this "silver" re-issue?
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    read the fronpage of treocentral.

    Sprint Treo 755P is NOT discontinued.
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    755's are just out of stock 'til the end of the month...they'll be back.
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    755P is back in stock at SERO $199 after all rebates
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