Maybe I'm just travelling to the wrong places but WiFi is far from free where I go. Maybe that is not the case in Europe and Asia but half of the hotels in the US still charge for WiFi. The low end hotels don't seem to but then again a hotel that seems to have 3 or 4 differently named free routers seem to be more of a single free router with a couple of people runnign their own router and all of the traffice through their own machine for whatever reason. The couple of airports with free WiFi are so slow due to advertisements or limited throughput that it is faster to pull out the treo and look up something.

Personally I don't like a bunch of hardware that I won't use on a machine that takes away from battery life even when turned off. Same applies for the camera but it;s so hard to find a smartphone without one that its not worth the wait. I'd rather have the longer battery life.