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    i have a centro on sero, so i thought i would post this in here, being that a few phones dont have the IM feature.

    im wondering if i able to use this IM feature with my Sero plan. i have been told by my cousin that works for sprint that the IM is part of premium services, and that we cant use it on Sero. Then i talked to my friend at school who just got a centro and he said he thought we could use it on Sero, so he called sprint and they told him it was not part of the premium services, and that we can use it

    anyone know anything?
    Red Centro on SERO, ftw
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    if im not mistaken, IM uses data and text. So if you have both text and data, there shouldnt be a problem
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    no problem at all IM is included
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    IM is part of the SERO plan. I would note however, that Yahoo messenger on the built in IM app on the sprint centro is a bit "twitchy" (as in i've experienced random resets when connected to yahoo via the built in app)

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