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    Are you going to Corporate Sprint stores or independant kiosks / stores?
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    Corporate, independents won't do any Palm warranty, only the Sprint warranty.
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    Hey Mike:

    You ever get your phone worked out? I am running into the same problem. I have an issue where the people I call cannot hear me and the dropped calls are constant. I have spent the past two weeks going into repair centers and on the phone with Sprint and Palm. I am past the 30 days so I cannot add insurance. Palm wants me to send in my phone for them to repair and hold for 3-7 days. Me without my phone for a week? What's the point of having a cell phone then?

    How do I get a replacement? I have never experienced this BS. With Verizon, as long as you were within the one year warranty, they replaced your phone.
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    Ok this epic has finally come to a close. Last we left off the Sprint Store person told me they would order me a reconditioned phone for a 35$ fee under Palm Warranty.

    I went back today to have this done (having given up on other options) and was told by the same person the fee was 55$ and they have no recollection of saying it was 35 in the past. I said fine, ill take it. She says they have no reconditioned phones in store, so she would have to order. She checked and said there were none to order (prob a testament to how flimsy this phone is)

    So she ended up giving me a new one out of the store. They could not sync it with my old one as they claimed the infrared (never used it) didn't work. I could hot sync at home so I didn't care.

    Then she offered me the insurance, I jumped at the chance. One of the reasons I was so pissed before was that the outsourced customer service didn't give it to me like i had asked for. The girl at the store also gave me the new box, and didn't ask for any old stuff back so now i have a set of extra cords and manuals.

    In the end, I guess it came out ok. I would have paid roughly 50 if they had given me the insurance correctly in the first place. Got the extra power and hotsync cords, which I really don't need now but you never know.

    So thanks again to all who have given me advice on this thread, I appreciate it.


    Even though I got a bit lucky at the end, I would say rate their customer service among the worse I have ever dealt with. The title of this thread should more accurately read " I hate Sprint Customer Service with a passion (advice badly needed)". Like their phones, plans and the net works great.
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    It is the "worst" customer service if you have to pay to resolve an issue with ANY item that is under warranty. I understand your frustration and just wanting to get it over with. I also understand that some people get bullied and taken advantage of. I would not be so forgiving. Good luck to you.
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    This story really sucks to read.. I guess I have always been fortunate with sprint stores.. Im actually on my 4th 755p ( I know wrong thread but I found it interesting) because of stuff like this. First my vibration went out and then the camera stopped working properly on the next two.. but all I had to do (I had the insurance) is walk into a repair center and the checked it out for an hour and then told me they couldn't fix them and ordered me a new phone right on the spot. I guess it really depends on the store you go to and the people who work there which isn't how its supposed to be.
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