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    Yesterday my 1yr old got ahold of my 700p in its rubberized Speck case and drooled all over it before I could rescue it (the Treo, not my son).

    As a result my Treo went through a 2-hr hotsync loop that I could not break. I tried soft resetting, which did nothing. Then I tried a hard reset which also did nothing.

    Finally I got the cycle to break and performed a hotsync which seemed to stop the prorblem. The phone worked "normally" for the rest of the day into today.

    Now I'm noticing a sporadic random syncing episode and am wondering what I should do. According to Verizon I am eligible for an upgrade to the 755p for $200. I'm not terribly thrilled about this because I've had nearly every inception of the Treo series and really do not consider the 755 and upgrade coming from the 700p.
    If this hotsync issue continues I may have to bite the bullet but I was hoping to make this phone last until the next major upgrade (holds breath).

    Has anyone experienced this?
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    Your phone probably just needs dried. You can let it dry the old fashioned way or you could put it in a sealed container with rice or descicant packets.

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