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    1. Using an AT&T prepaid account; works fine.
    Will prepaid work on an unlocked Treo 650?

    2. If prepaid does not work, which carrier do users of Treo 650's like best?
    Essex, MA is north of Boston. Service from all carriers seems to work.

    3. I presume that migrating a current number to the Treo should not be an issue? Am I correct?

    Thanks for your help. I've spend significant time researching the phone and am ready to act. For my usage adn budget the 650 seems perfect.

    Ray Randall
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    Not sure if prepaid works, but I'm on AT&T and I'm extremely happy with the service most of the time, plus the customer service is really good. I'd say stick with AT&T.
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    If your Treo is unlocked GSM, any SIM card should work. I've used several sorts of pre-paid SIMs in my 650, the only issue being that some carriers do not offer data with pre-paid plans, which stinks.
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    It sucks how VZW no longer supports Prepaid smartphones... =T i've had my treo 700p since day one, and got a prepaid plan for it (they dont really do it, but I spoke to a guy over the phone and he hooked me up)... little did they know, i was getting free internet, free txt, all I paid for was my minutes!
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    Apparently they figured it out or you wouldn't be so glum about it
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    I use T-Mobile Prepaid on my 650 and it works fine. I chose TM because they have the lowest price with the least restrictions.
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    * philippz *

    How did you get your data to work on the treo 650? I use the prepaid with t mob and I cant get it to work, I set up all the info provided at there web site but when I try to connect it says "connecting to t-zone" "signing on" then "canceling" when I dont even hit a button...... I even signed up for there uhhh I forget what its called but its where you pay $1 a day and 15c a min for calls but you get unlimited text and web......anyways any help plz!

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