My apologies if this was already addressed elsewhere, but I've searched and can't find it. And I'm on the road and desperate.

I have a 755p and have been running Good Messaging for a few years by my company's choice. 2 weeks ago they upgraded the version of good to have some kind of better wiping defense if lost or stolen. Since then, you have to unlock Good to use the phone. Then last week it began resetting every time you opened Good. The IT folks did soft resets, warm resets, and a hard reset. Nothing worked. Removed all of the 3rd party apps and still nothing worked.

So this weekend they gave me a brand new 755p and reinstalled Good. It worked so I synced my phone #s and everything was great for 2 days. And then again today, Good causes the phone to reset.

Any ideas other than finally switching to a blackberry after having a 600, 700, and 755?