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    Hi, there.

    I have been experiencing problems with HotSync for the last few months.

    It worked fine at the begining, when I upgraded from a Zire 71 to my Treo 680, but now HotSync is refusing to syncronise Contacts and Calendar.

    I does not work on my PC or Mac.

    I reinstalled everything on my pc, I even cleaned up the register, re-installed the software, but the same problem is there: No calendar and no contacts updated.

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance,

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    So, what is or isn't it doing when you try to hot sync?? Not much to go on here...

    I came in to read because last night I couldn't get my 680 to even connect to my laptop. It would connect, and before I could push the button to sync, it would disconnect. Tried messing with the cable for a bit until I started to worry that I had a bad cable. Then, just for the hell of it I reset my 680.

    All was well again in the world. Had my 680 for 17 months now, and that was a new one!!

    More info please Alex and we may be able to help you.

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