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    After I got my Centro at my ATT store, I went to a Sprint store down the street to purchase their clear case. I'm glad I did because on the third morning, I accidentally snagged the battery charger cable while it was still attached to the phone, which was sitting on my night stand. My phone flew across the room(like a baseball), hit the wall very hard and dropped to the hardwood floor with a loud crashing noise. The case split open but I couldn't tell whether it was split open after it hit the wall, or when it hit the floor. Obviously I had to scream out loud because I thought I must have definitely killed the phone. I picked it up quickly and checked out the phone but to my amazement, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the phone. Not even a scratch. Then I checked the case and the only thing that happened was a 1mm hairline scratch on the side opening. Wow! I couldn't imagine what will happen without this clear case. So for those of you who are wondering whether you should get a Sprint Clear Case, go ahead. Plus, the case comes with a 1 year warranty. So at $20, it is well worth it.
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    Palms are tanks

    I had a friend slip and toss my old palm M105 acros his kitchen with no problem, plus I have dropped, tossed, and slung my palms so many times to have lost count.

    However I almost had my centro slip out of my hand today so I will probably be applying some sort of adhesive skin to it just in case.
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    My wife also has that case and yes, it is tough - in fact, it is so tough I have problems getting it apart. So, I purchased a skin for it and she likes it as much and I like it even more.

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    I have the same case and I accidentally walked the centro on my belt into a wall and it went flying to the floor. The case separated, but I saw no obvious damage to the phone until later when I was using the five way. It wasn't working. I said a few choice words, and thinking how glad I was that I have the insurance. I saw that the 5 way had come out on the top part. I took my fingernail and pushed it back in and works like a charm for weeks now. Can't tell anything ever happened with the phone or the case.
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