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    I was wondering how come I can't d/l from website like: sendspace, zshare, megaupload rapidshare ect...?
    Do I need to install IBM Java?
    and if so where can I get it, because its not on the palm website anymore.

    Also, I was wondering if there are any apps that let's you open a Win rar file? Or compress files?
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    No JAVA needed, I know some Rapidshare links will work, and Handzipper will open .zip files, as for RAR files, no good app has the ability to do it.
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    You can open RaR files on your Palm OS device.

    You need the MobileRaR.prc file and Java files installed on your device. as well as the FileConnect.prc file from the Java Zip.

    In most cases the RaR file goes to the Blazer Download folder when downloaded to your device. Sometimes it will go somewhere else on your card. But you can find it.

    I created a folder in my cards root directory called 'RaR files' and I move the RaR file to this folder. Then I open the MobileRaR prc from my launcher and follow the path to the folder.

    Go to the link below and to migs post to get the MobileRaR.prc and the Java files zip. Both links in migs post are still good.


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    Thanks a lot to the both of you.

    So there is no way to d/l from zshare???
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    I dunno. I never been to zshare...

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