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    I just bought a Treo 755p from verizon wireless last friday and I noticed there is no VersaMail installed, only Verizon's Wireless Sync. Is VersaMail still available for the 755p? I used it on my old 650 for sync'ing with OWA ActiveSync; it was great for synchronizing my calendar. I do not believe Wireless Sync will be an option for me since my company doesn't support it (they support Blackberry and OWA ActiveSync)

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    nevermind, just tried Palm's VersaMail 4.0.7 Updater for Palm Centro using my 755p -- seems to be working. It's sync'ing up with my workplace's Exchange ActiveSync server right now.

    In case anyone else was curious:
    Type into your Treo 755p's web browser, follow the download instructions, let it install the app and then run the "Install Email" application that it provides. The versamail app is just called "Email".

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