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    okay, so i've been searching everywhere to find out how to convert mp3's to a ringtone.

    so i have downloaded mini tones and it's now an application on my phone AND i have mp3's in my PTUNES (which work perfectly fine).
    the problem is that mini tones isnt reading that i have mp3's on my phone.

    i dont know why it doesnt work. is it because my mp3's are in INTERNAL MEMORY and NOT on an sd mini card?

    is there any possible way of getting it to read the mp3's from the internal memory/on ptunes?

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    It's my understanding that Minitones does not work w/internal memory (mp3's). So you are correct in that the songs need to be loaded on an SD card for Minitones to recognize them.

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    Too many mp3's on internal memory will really eat up your space as I'm sure you know. I like having all mine on the sd card and using mini tones to pick a 20 second or so piece of a song to be one of my ringtones.
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    I suggest a ring-tone management application such as RingCare, LightWav or CallBlock - really save you memory and exceedingly configurable.

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    thanks guys!
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    Minitones will only see songs on the SD card, but then will copy the "trimmed" song to your internal memory for a ring tone. Worked great for me :P. I was able to remove minitones AND the song from the phone but the "trimmed" ringtone still stayed!

    I have "White and Nerdy" on there now :P.

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