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    I store alot of information in memo files which I cannot access because everytime I attempt to open the Memos application, the device goes through a soft reset. Any ideas on how to deal with this?
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    It sounds like you have some corruption in your memo files. Try downloading a trial of TealScan from Then scan it for issues. If it lists anything then hit the Info button and then fix it. Then try it again. Another app that does this is DBFixit, which will scan any database (not just PIM like TealScan). The problem, however, is that you can't use DBFixit to fix the PIM data in trial mode. You have to purchase it. If that doesn't work post back. The next step would entail trying a warm reset followed by a soft reset. And if that doesn't work, the next step would be a hard reset and a selective restore. Make sure you backup everything to your card before you start. Good luck!
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    Based on other reports in the forum, I chose to hotsync with my laptop and to have the laptop overwrite the memo files during the hotsync. This cured the problem and I have access to my memos. I will back up to my card in the future. Thank you for your help
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    FWIW, I ran into this the other day on my 700p as well. I decided to just try a Hotsync and let the memos synchronize without overwriting in one direction or the other. The Hotsync actually fixed something in my MemoDB and I was able to access them again without losing any memos from what I can tell. YMMV...

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