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    I'm looking for an semi-simple application for my 755 that would let me keep a running balance of my checking account and sync up with my bank to keep a current balance. Apps like splash money look great but maybe have a little too many features that I don't necessarily need. Any suggestions?
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    I recently started using My Checkbook. Great app and it's free but doesn't sync with your bank, all entries are manual.

    I was initially looking for something to sync with my bank and tried Spash Money but couldn't get it to work with Bank of America, so I tried My Checkbook and found that it was easy enough to use. I decided that I don't really need a sync function.

    You may want to try it until you can find exactly what you are looking for.
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    There is also Pocket Quicken and if you are a HanDBase user, writing an applet to do this is fairly easy. I have been using HanDBase for 3 years to do my checks with (have not done a check register in that period). I also have Pocket Quicken, but quit using it as it does not always sync with the desktop properly. There is also Splash Money.

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    I tried Splash Money last night. The installation was a breeze, but I was able to import only one account. Pocket Quicken imported all of them, though at times I have had a sync problem with entries made on the device.

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    Try Qmate:

    It is a free (donations suggested) program that is simple, and works well. I have been using it for many years. without any problems
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    I've used Ultrasoft Money for years and really love it. If you're not going to sync w/ Microsoft Money (which is how I stay up to date w/ my checking & savings account) then I second delao13's recommendation by suggesting to check out Ultrasoft Checkbook.

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