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    TouchLauncher v.2.0 has been released

    Hello everybody! I am looking for people who could test my new application TouchLauncher. It will replace my other app iPhoneImitation.

    The need for testers is fullfilled. I will be posting if I need anymore testers! Please do not send me anymore requests!
    Stay tuned for TL release!
    Thanks to everybody
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    Count me in. I already use Touchbook and your keyguard program. Email sent. 755p

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    I'd be happy to test it (T680).
    (Edit: Email sent)
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    OK. Thank you for such a fast answer. Please email me ahsirg(at) , so I can send you a copy of the beta!

    Treo Musketeers, please also specify, which device you are using
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    I would be interested in trying this app out. I use your TouchBook also on a Sprint 700p and a Sprint Centro....

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    Please email me for further instructions
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    Intersted and sent a Email. looks interesting.
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    VaccPalm, check your email.
    Everyone else, please state your device when emailing me.
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    email sent.
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    Let me know if you didn't get my email. I sent one and then saw your later post asking for device, so I sent another one. Thanks.

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    Very nice . I will send any bugs to email but figured I would ask this here. Is there a way to make it the defualt laucher. This is one sweet launcher but it goes back to the Palm launcher when the home key is pressed and I dont see any option to make it the default laucher.
    I will be trying out other options and stuff later today as I got to run to a family event . but very nice.
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    I can't wait to try it out.
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    Email sent this morning also, is there more details available?
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    Ok. thanks to everyone who sent their letters. I will forward a copy of the software to you.
    The need for testers is fullfilled. Stay tuned for a release soon!
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    Will the email come from the email address we sent email to? Just want to make sure it doesn't get sent to the bulk folder. Hubby tends to delete without looking.
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    it will likely come from my home address, I already sent the message
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    I haven't gotten it yet. I checked inbox and bulk mail
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    neither did i
    Sprint Palm Pre
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    A couple of comments. First, it is very impressive looking. A couple things that would make it nicer is to go to the set of apps that start with the first letter, when you type that letter. Having to five way navigate through all my apps will take a while. Second, it would be nice to be able to hide apps (particularly the ROM apps) that we either don't use or don't use that often. I haven't discovered a way to see my card apps either. Also, there seems to be a one second pause as each page of apps launches. Perhaps the app does have these features and I just haven't seen them yet. Another thing is that the icon set appears to be limited. I know of other icon sets, will they be usable in this app?

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    Hi Stu

    I agree with what you said. It shows ROM and RAM apps. It even shows hidden apps, except the hidden apps don't show the icon. An empty button and the text shows for the hiden apps.

    No selecting apps with a letter. Just scrolling through pages currently. You can add card apps, but you have to replace an
    exsisting app shown from ROM or RAM.

    It appears impossible right now to move an Icon from one page to another.

    No Stability issues with it on a Sprint 700p and Centro.

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